Amazon members create a new record in sales, US Customs strictly observes intellectual property infringing goods

So far, the Prime Day of Amazon’s sites has basically come to an end. Despite the frequent situation, this Prime Day still created a new sales record in Amazon’s history; at the same time, some sellers said that goods sent to the United States were detained for infringement, and US Customs began to strictly observe intellectual property infringing goods…

Amazon member daily sales record

Although Prime Day was a bit confusing at first, the Amazon spokesperson said in an email on Tuesday morning that this is “the best time for Prime Day to sell in the US so far. In fact, the 10-hour sales after the start of Prime Day last year.” Compared to the first 10 hours of this year, sales are “growth faster.” Amazon said that shoppers have already purchased “millions of” Alexa-enabled devices, the best-selling of which is the Fire TV Stick with Alexa voice remote control. Echo Dot and Fire 7 tablets.

US Customs strictly observes intellectual property infringing goods

Hong Kong DHL issued a notice that the US Customs has recently investigated the intellectual property rights of customs clearance goods and severely cracked down on illegal, under-reported and false-reported goods. At that time, Hong Kong DHL will also open the inspection 100%. If the seller has imitation cards, false declarations, understatement, etc., the shipment will not be cleared and a high fine will be imposed, and the sender of the shipment may be blacklisted by the customs. It is understood that many sellers have involved infringement and are detained by the customs.

eBay is about to launch new seller updates

Today, eBay announced that the new seller update will be officially launched. From July 1st, 2018, if the seller publishes the item in two or more categories, and the transaction fees of these categories are different, when the seller’s item is sold, the higher transaction fee in these categories will be followed. Count in. The item posting modification function has now been officially launched.

The changes that will be officially launched in July include service metrics and peer performance benchmarks, return automation and postal scam requirements, and changes to be rolled out in August include changes in return policy, recommendations for eBay product catalog changes, and eBay products. The ability to add new products to the catalog.

Bezos officially surpassed more than $150 billion

According to foreign media reports, after the net worth of 149.7 billion US dollars and refreshing Gates’s richest man record on Monday, the founder of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos continued to increase on Tuesday, which has now exceeded 150 billion US dollars. According to the Forbes Real-Time Rich List, Bezos currently has a net worth of $151.4 billion, ahead of the previous year’s richest man, Microsoft co-founder Gates, which is $53.8 billion. The latter is currently worth $93.8 billion.

Notice on the Effectiveness of the Change of the Dunhuang Net Punishment Rules

Recently, in order to guide sellers’ compliance operations and enhance consumers’ purchasing confidence and satisfaction, Dunhuang Network has comprehensively revised its punishment policy. The change of the rules was completed on July 16, 2018 and became effective on July 18, 2018.

The main changes to the rules include: “Prohibition of Sales (Restricted Sales) Product Rules”, “General Penalties and Rules”, “Transaction and Other Violations”, “Intellectual Property Rights and Regulations for Violation of Regulations” and “Product Information Violation Penalties” Part of the several rules, the seller should pay attention to the above changes.

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