Amazon opens buyer data to sellers for free

Consumer demographic information can be viewed directly later! The brand analytics feature that Amazon offers to eligible sellers includes consumer demographics, as well as keyword search, popular keywords, clickthrough rates, and conversion rates to give sellers a better understanding of their customer demographics.

Free open demographic information

Amazon now allows third-party sellers to access the customer’s overall demographic information, including age, income, gender, and marital status.

This is a manifestation of Amazon’s commitment to providing more information to SC sellers. The company mentioned some of the initiatives in a press release released on Tuesday, highlighting the new Amazon brand analytics capabilities, including analysis of popular search terms and comparable products, other initiatives, and Amazon-related fee-free promotions, about global sales. Personalized guidance and educational tools for sellers.

Kiri Masters, CEO of Amazon’s Bobsled Marketing, said that later this week, the seller mentioned this new feature in a post on LinkedIn. Amazon also confirmed that demographic analysis is available to sellers in the United States last Thursday.

Amazon said Amazon’s brand analytics, including customer demographics, are available for Brand Owners’ Brand Owners. Currently, this feature is only available to sellers who are brand owners, brand agents, brand representatives, and brand manufacturers.

Sellers welcome this feature

For third-party sellers on Amazon, opening up free customer stats can solve one of the biggest challenges of selling on limited access to customer data.

Ryan Williams, a winemaker from Rise Brewing, said the brand analytics feature provides information on keyword searches, keyword popularity, click-through rates, and conversion rates. There were no previous customer-related information. Due to limited customer data, many Amazon sellers have been challenging to market their customers and potential customers who browse or purchase goods on Amazon.

Williams said he has used the feature since Tuesday, and the information he got from demographic tools will also have an impact on implementing a broader marketing strategy on platforms outside of Amazon. Williams said: “This really helps your marketing strategy, not only on Amazon but also outside of Amazon. Investors often ask us what we should focus on. Except for Google Analytics, these questions are not always easy to answer.”

For Brian Hemmert, chief marketing officer of food company Fat Snax, more data opening is a positive move for Amazon, but not enough for them to give up their own e-commerce website. He said: “It is still crucial to establish your own direct channels through our website.”

However, agencies working with Amazon say the motive behind the launch of new analytics tools is not just to benefit small sellers.

Amazon does not have a picture?

Recently, it is reported that Amazon hopes to transfer some sellers from the wholesale platform to Seller Central. The executives of these institutions said that the current strategy is to promote Seller Central by letting third-party SC sellers use the data for free, because Vendor Central sellers must pay Use this data.
Demographic data is part of the Amazon Retail Analytics Premium subscription content, and sellers who sell through VC must pay for the use. According to reports, ARA Advanced Edition costs up to 30,000 US dollars / year, ARA Basic Edition provides free business indicators including sales and inventory levels. But Amazon said that brand analytics is less relevant to vendor model sellers because Amazon has a listing.

Fred Killingsworth, chief executive of the professional Amazon agency Hinge, said: “I don’t know if it should be described as a victory – this is to motivate larger sellers to turn to the SC platform.” He also said that more sellers will be turned to SC to let Amazon transfer resources from VC. He mentioned: “Amazon is a technology platform; considering that Amazon will help, supplier relationships need more people to participate.”

At the same time, additional analytical data is a powerful proof tool that justifies sellers’ increased investment in Amazon’s advertising platform.

Masters said: “The brand analysis tools and demographics that have emerged in the past few days are a good reason for sellers to increase Amazon’s advertising spending.”

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