Amazon pushes new delivery feedback policy, this time absolutely beneficial to small and medium sellers

Amazon adjusted its delivery feedback policy. The new policy will take some protective measures for sellers, which is absolutely good news for small and medium sellers.Amazon feedback new policy to protect sellers! real or fake?Recently, Amazon introduced a new delivery feedback policy to protect sellers from some “harm.” Not surprisingly, not surprised?

The Amazon, which has always been “loving” buyers and “harsh” sellers, is really thinking about sellers this time. This policy mainly targets sellers who:
1. US stations use Amazon Buy Shipping to purchase and print shipping label service sellers
2, non-FBA orders, that is, self-delivery sellers (the benefits of small and medium sellers, no longer a child without a mother)
In a letter issued on May 10th, Amazon explained that if the seller sends the order on time using “buyer delivery” and receives the buyer’s “feedback that is completely related to the delay or non-receipt of the package,” the seller can ask for Received feedback within 90 days.
The platform said, “While the negative feedback itself will not be deleted, if the seller states that the order delay is not its own reason, after the request is approved, these negative feedback will not affect your rating.”
That is, if the seller is not wrong, negative feedback will not affect your ODR (order defect rate).
At the same time, Amazon also helped explain the words for the seller, underlining the feedback: “The performance issue related to this order is not caused by the seller.”

The new policy lets sellers rejoice and runs
Amazon’s new policy not only excludes ODR indicators but also helps sellers explain the delays caused by non-sellers. This can be said to be relatively humane!
As a result, a number of sellers began to “excited”! They discussed at the forum: “We are very happy to see this happen”; “We have been submitting reports to Seller Performance and removing these orders from performance indicators.”

From related discussions, some sellers can indeed benefit from the New Deal. However, some sellers believe that this policy is not in-depth and the problems that can be solved are not comprehensive.
In any case, Amazon’s first step in protecting sellers is not bad.

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