Amazon sellers have reached 6 million, which is not the same as 20,000!

In most cases, the data we often see is: Amazon has more than 2 million sellers worldwide. This 2 million figure has become a common saying. But it is wrong, Amazon sellers are far more than you think!

According to Marketplace data, Amazon is not only a large number of sellers, but also has better indicators to measure their performance. To measure a platform, don’t just focus on the number of sellers, but it’s important to see how many sellers are successful.

There are 6 million sellers on Amazon

In January 2015, Amazon first mentioned 2 million sellers on the platform, which is a conservative estimate. Amazon has more than 1 million new sellers growing each year, and the total number of platform sellers is currently at least 6 million. Since the establishment of Amazon for more than 20 years, it may have attracted more than 10 million sellers.

So what is the performance of these sellers? Look at a picture first, then look for highlights below to see if you are the one that stands out.

570,000 sellers received a review within one month

There are currently 570,000 Amazon sellers who have reviewed the review in a month, up from 480,000 last year.

One way to look at the size of the market is to analyze how many of the millions of sellers have commented at least once in a month because buyers may receive customer feedback after purchase, although some sellers even have more I did not receive a comment after the order.

1.28 million sellers received a review within one year

1,280,000 sellers received at least one review within a year, up from 1.18 million a year ago.

In order to broaden the analytical data in this area, the review window has increased from one month to one year. This can capture the situation of some sellers in a year, and many of the markets that report active seller numbers are mostly based on one year of activity.

2.15 million sellers have products for sale

Today, 2.15 million sellers are selling products, an increase of 35% from 1.6 million in 2017. From a single product to millions of products. This indicates that the seller is trying to sell more products, but it also includes many sellers whose products have been on the shelves for months or years. (How do you feel when you see this sentence? Want to cry or want to cry…)

140,000 sellers sold more than $100,000

According to Amazon, a total of 140,000 sellers worldwide have sales of more than $100,000. This number has increased from 70,000 in 2015 to 100,000 in 2016, to 140,000 in 2017, and sellers with sales exceeding $100,000 have increased year by year.

This data is probably one of the most important indicators because it includes watching all the serious sellers on Amazon.

20,000 sellers have sales of $1 million

In the end, at least 20,000 sellers have annual sales of $1 million. Are you one of them?

This small group of sellers is incredible! They created at least $20 billion in sales on Amazon. Nearly half of the 20,000 sellers sold in the US, followed by the UK and Germany. It seems that these three markets are still the main nuggets of the seller.

This is Amazon’s market funnel, and the epitome of most other markets. They are all “top-heavy”. Most of the sales are always in the hands of a few big sellers. Are sellers so prominent?

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