Amazon sellers were attacked by Americans because of the price hikes during the hurricane

Recently, Amazon sellers were attacked by Americans for raising prices during the hurricane. In the face of doubt, Amazon responded: it will remove related products that violate product policies and damage the customer experience.

During the hurricane, the bottled water on Amazon was raised sharply.

Before the Hurricane Florence attack, residents of North Carolina and South Carolina needed to prepare materials in advance. When customers bought through, they found that the price of bottled water on the website was much higher than usual.

Amazon sellers have been criticized for raising product prices. Americans have expressed their dissatisfaction on social media.

A Twitter user posted @amazon: The behavior of raising prices during the hurricane was disgusting. Another North Carolina user said that the price of water, usually $5 a box, was raised to nearly $40.

In addition to water, during the hurricane, the price of bread and other necessities on Amazon has also risen.

Yesterday, foreign media found that the low-cost water of Amazon’s self-operated and third-party sellers had been sold out. The price of 40 packages of Deer Park water on its website was sold by third-party sellers for $29.99.

Amazon Response will remove products that violate platform policies and customer experience

In response to questions from netizens, a spokesperson for Amazon said: “We have taken measures to stop the sellers who drastically lifted the price of water. We do not participate in the surge pricing, product prices will not fluctuate depending on the region or delivery location. Unless Amazon sales Product, otherwise the company will not set the price by itself.”

In addition to raising product prices, some third-party sellers have another way to significantly increase product shipping costs. A package of bottled water sold by the seller costs nearly $80.

Earlier this year, some buyers paid thousands of dollars for paper products because of the same sales method. Later, Amazon not only returned the customer’s money, but also issued a policy that clearly states that “the seller cannot set too much order fulfillment or shipping costs.”

An Amazon spokesperson said, “Before the sale of the product, all sellers must abide by the platform’s sales policy. We are actively monitoring the seller’s behavior and removing products that violate the platform policy and harm the customer experience.”

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