Amazon Subscribe & Save service adds five major features

Amazon’s service is a great thing for both sellers and buyers. It is the “Subscribe & Save” service, referred to as the S&S service. Currently, Amazon is calling for more sellers to join the “Subscribe & Save” service. The service offers discounts and free shipping to buyers, which is a great deal. But the premise is that when the buyer registers with Amazon, there are regular needs for specific products, such as household items, baby care products, pet supplies, groceries, health care products, personal beauty care products.

In 2016, Amazon only opened the service to sellers who joined Amazon (FBA); prior to this, only products sold and shipped via qualify for “subscription and preservation.”

This week, Amazon said it helps FBA sellers to better sell their products in the following ways, making it easier and faster to operate: “Adding products to ‘Subscription and Save’ can give sellers more interesting and loyal buying. Home and repeat customers.” Amazon said that it is now easier for sellers to see which products meet the standards of the service and to manage quotes for those items. Here is the official description made by Amazon:

Now, sellers can more easily identify which products of their own meet the “subscription and save” conditions, manage the quotation of goods in the “subscription and save”, etc. – at a glance, easy to operate.

What are the new features?

1. Can view all products that meet the “Subscription and Save” criteria

2. Searching for stock units (Stock Keeping Unit)

3. Easily add all or part of your product to the service

4. View and sort your products by quote status

5. Quickly take relevant measures when stocks are insufficient or out of stock

If a buyer buys 1 to 4 different items in the same month and buys 1 to 4 different items, Amazon can offer a 5% discount; if you buy 5 or more different products, Amazon offers 15% discount. Amazon also mentioned in the promotion that certain products will meet a specific condition and will offer a 20% discount.

Amazon’s sellers should know that Amazon needs an 85% inventory rate (26 days in the past 30 days to reach this inventory rate). At the same time, if the seller can’t maintain a stable price, it will violate the pricing rules. In addition, the seller also needs to make a long-term commitment: even if the seller cancels the offer of a certain product or withdraws from the “subscription and preservation” service, it must continue to sell the product within six months after the cancellation. If the seller fails to comply with this rule, it may have a negative impact on the seller’s performance indicators.

For sellers, the biggest benefit of the “subscribe and save” service is that the sales volume of the product is more stable and increases the exposure of the product. Amazon explained: “Your merchandise will benefit from specialized storefronts, custom search filter options, and prioritization.”

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