Amazon’s heavy plans are on the line, and the key to boosting sales is coming!

The Amazon Influencer Program is a service plan, and Amazon quietly launches a self-help tool for YouTube Reds so they can join the program. The gradual implementation of this plan can be regarded as the heavy adjustment of Amazon this year. The e-commerce platform began to cooperate with social media and never launched more sales, instead of relying on its own traffic, conversion and review…

Amazon Influencer Program “opens” to social media reds

Foreign media news, the recent Amazon Impactr Program plans have a new situation, last week, Amazon has quietly launched a self-service tool for YouTube Reds, so that they can apply for a strict review plan, start a new attempt.

YouTube Reds often promote their favorite products in posts or YouTube videos, let more people see the product, and then usually earn some income for themselves by selling with branded products. Now Amazon is actively wooing these YouTube Reds, hoping to insert their products directly into the operation and never get bigger sales.

Reds who pass the program review will get their own customizable pages on Amazon, including the URLs they can share in their product recommendation features. The key URL for this app. Amazon pointed out that “it is especially useful in an environment where it is verbally or impossible to link.” In other words, when discussing products for promotion, it can be easily found in YouTube videos.

When a customer buys on a page they share, the Reds will receive a portion of the commission. As for the number of commissions, this is not known. Recommend a product to get Amazon’s commission directly, this good thing is not every YouTube user can participate, Amazon will review some pass indicators.

Amazon will pay more attention to social media marketing

The Amazon Influencer Program is one of Amazon’s latest developments. It is an extension of Amazon Associates’ main program.

Social media marketing is also the next step in the development of e-commerce platforms. Apparently Amazon is trying to seize this development opportunity.

After Amazon’s implementation of the program, social platform reds can operate on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, and social media marketing will become one of the development paths that will be valued in the future.

This year’s platform policy has changed. Is this plan a big move for Amazon?

Amazon’s implementation of the program is designed to increase sales, not just through its own traffic, conversions, and reviews.

Entering 2018, as Amazon sellers are clear, there are obvious changes in the platform’s policies. The first is the Review policy. This year, Amazon focused on the phenomenon of brush review and evaluation, and deleted the waves one after another. Recently, sellers said that the store is normal. The praise was also smashed, and the seller complained: “They are streaking, how do you order?”

No, Amazon’s new plan is coming. The platform is looking for reds to help, so that more reds can share their products through social media marketing. Sellers can also put products directly into the red page through the reds. Does this mean that the seller’s thinking should change, the risk of being singled out, the assessment being caught, and the more direct and safer it is to follow Amazon’s search for red-person marketing.

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