Amazon’s new patent: delivering goods with robotic arms

According to foreign media, Amazon has obtained a patent for the first time in 2015, which describes the use of robotic arms to sort and deliver items.

From the most basic point of view, Amazon’s guess is that if you can use a robotic arm to throw products from one side of the building to the other, why do you need to manually sort the goods, so it is not too much trouble. ?

Many people are worried that their purchased packages will be thrown and thrown away. It feels so simple and rude, but basically, if the items are packaged, you don’t have to worry about being thrown away. In many cases, your goods It has not been thrown away.

For example, when a courier is loading a 40-foot-tall articulated truck trailer, they don’t put each package into the cage and gently roll them onto the truck. What the courier company did was build a wall with the largest parcel and throw all the small parcels behind the wall.

Sometimes your package may be thrown into the air at eight feet and landed on a pile of parcels, while in other parcels it may be thrown onto the floor of the trailer, waiting for an 8-foot parcel to be thrown into it. Above. This is not the carelessness of the courier company, but the way they operate and the procedures.

In Amazon’s patent, it details how to throw products onto shelves, conveyors, and other processing equipment, and even throw them into the upper and lower layers of the warehouse. It also considers the trajectory of other items thrown to avoid air collisions, as well as things that must be considered before the product is thrown, such as mass, shape, surface, and vulnerability (Amazon calls it “deformation” and “structure Integrity”) and temperature.

Amazon has also been criticized by buyers for sorting some items, saying that these items may be thrown away by robots because they may have fragile items such as cups, dwarf statues and rubber ducks.

The American little people have a strong opinion of anything that is reminiscent of the dwarfs throwing, and some people really want to know why the patent, a “dwarf figurine” is not called a “small statue.”

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