America will become the world’s largest online retail market for toys and games

America will become the world’s largest online retail market for toys and games
Technavio’s recent report predicts that from 2017 to 2021, the global toy & gaming category of electricity retail market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 7%.
Technavio divides the global retail market for toys and games into the following areas:
1, the Americas
2, the Asia-Pacific region
3, Europe, Middle East, Africa

Americas: the world’s largest toy & game online retail market

“As more and more consumers buy toys and games online, the market will keep growing in the next few years in the Americas, and it will be easier and better to offer better products than physical stores.” Technavio Toys and Sharan Jagannath, principal analyst for infant product research.
Entity retailers open shop, or cooperation with Amazon and other electronics giants is a toy and game online sales growth of the key factors. The United States, Brazil and Canada are the main countries to promote the growth of the market.
“Many electronics businesses focus on the sale of baby products, such as Babyoye is an Indian baby toy business, and the parents of Indian cities are keen to buy entertaining toys and games for their children,” Sharan said.
With the rapid economic development and the increase in disposable income, India and China, such developing countries, the toy and gaming market is also evolving. Flipkart and Snapdeal power sales and toy sales to a new high. Funskool, Mattel and Lego Group become leading toy and gaming companies.
Europe, Middle East, Africa
European toys and games online retail market booming, online sales growth rate reached double digits, in some mature markets almost 20%. Southern Europe is also growing concern about online shopping toys and games.
Through online retail, manufacturers can sell a large number of products in less time. Britain, Germany, France and Spain and other countries to develop toys and games online retail market. Building toys are most popular with European children. The demand for toys across Europe is different. Most of the Italians buy outdoor and sports toys.

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