Another product is on Amazon, and netizens are crazy.

Recently, a Mr Blobby inflatable balloon sold on Amazon has been fired. This product has made many netizens crazy!

The balloon is described on Amazon as: “A good fan for Mr. Blobby, or a fun decoration for a birthday party for kids.”

However, what’s funny is that the balloon’s inflation valve is located between the legs of Mr Blobby, which is a bit stunned! However, it has also left a topic for it, and many people joked that this does not seem appropriate. People think that the Mr Blobby balloon is a bit “rude.”

The 29-inch balloon was sold by Amazon GRABO on Amazon for £4.99. Netizens’ comments on it are obviously not very friendly, with a rating of only 2.5 stars. Amazon said the balloon has an “automatic shut-off valve” that is perfect for “Bloyd fans of Mr. Blobby.”

One shared a photo of a balloon and called it “something in a nightmare.” Many users find this balloon interesting and share their thoughts in the comments section.

One person said: “This is a Photoshop, right? Right? No one with a normal mind will do this.” The second one wrote: “Oh, my God. The expression on his face makes the situation worse.” The third one added: “I don’t understand how manufacturers think of this.”

Some people questioned the product, and of course some people love it deeply. Some buyers have commented on Amazon: “Mr Blobby has exposed everything, it’s funny, it brings joy to the family!”

It is understood that Mr Blobby is a fictional character in the Nobel’s House Party on the BBC Saturday night variety show hosted by Noel Edmonds. It also appeared on Harry Hill’s TV Burp, Dick and Dom in da Bungalow and Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway.

The image of Mr Blobby is therefore loved by many people and has a group of fans. Coupled with the recent “innovation” of manufacturers, this product has a new gimmick, which has created a new topic, prompting netizens to discuss.

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