Apple will hold a new machine conference on September 12, and cross-border sellers will come…

Yesterday, the foreign media confirmed the time of Apple’s autumn conference this year – September 12. After the launch of the new machine, Apple’s peripheral products have to sell a wave, cross-border sellers have come…

iPhone Autumn Conference will be held on September 12th

At present, Apple has issued an invitation letter for the annual autumn iPhone conference. It is expected that a number of new iPhones will be released. The conference will be held on September 12th in Cupertino, California.

So far, Xiaobian got the news that Apple may have three new models released this fall, including an upgraded version of the iPhoneXS with a 5.8-inch OLED screen; and a relatively cheap iPhone XPlus with 6.1 inches. The LCD screen and another high-end device with a 6.5-inch OLED screen.

There are rumors that the 5.8-inch second-generation iPhone X is priced between $800 and $900, the 6.5-inch screen is priced at $999, and the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone is expected to sell for about $600-$700. between.

There are also rumors that the cheapest new iPhone may have a variety of unconventional colors. All phones feature gesture control and Apple’s face recognition unlocking system. At the same time, 3D Touch may be removed from at least one of the devices, which is a huge change since the company launched this feature in 2015.

In addition to the new machine, there are other devices unveiled

On September 12th, in addition to the release of the new machine, Apple may have a new Apple Watch and an upgraded version of the iPad Pro to meet with you.

The report said that Apple plans to redesign the MacBook Air and Mac mini this fall, but it is unclear whether the two products will be unveiled at the iPhone conference.

The new MacBook Air is cheaper and has a thinner body with a Retina display. In addition, foreign media also saw a new iPad Pro and a larger screen Apple Watch.

Cross-border e-commerce sellers have come

With the release date of Apple’s new machine approaching, not only the world’s fruit powder is expected, but also the sellers of cross-border e-commerce. After the launch of a new wave of Apple products, the surrounding related accessories have to be sold at a high price. For 3C sellers on all platforms, it is another opportunity to increase sales.

As the size of the new machine becomes larger, the mobile phone case will undoubtedly become the focus of the hot sale. In addition, from the official invitation letter of Apple, the above copper circle is thought-provoking and looks like a wireless charging coil. Is this a hint?

From the perspective of major e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and eBay, Apple’s peripheral products operated by domestic sellers are relatively popular. Sellers can seize the opportunity to stock up in advance.

However, Xiaobian reminds you that the major platforms have paid special attention to the infringement of Apple’s peripheral products. In particular, Amazon has reorganized such products. The prefaces such as for and with can no longer be used in the title description. Sellers selling Apple’s peripheral products must pay attention to such problems.

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