At the moment of the explosion, Amazon workers across Europe have to strike!

Amazon workers across Europe plan to hold protests on Black Friday to express their dissatisfaction with working conditions.

British trade union GMB will hold demonstrations with hundreds of employees outside the five logistics centers, who will wave banners and distribute flyers. Workers in Spain and Italy will strike for 24 hours.

The biggest protest will be held in Rugeley near Birmingham, with more than 100 participants expected. After the demonstration in the warehouse, they planned to march to Lea Hall Miners’Club to attend the rally, and someone would speak there.

A GMB spokesperson said the protesters wanted to raise awareness and let Amazon sit at the negotiating table to discuss workers’ safety issues. Rather than trying to disrupt the sales of Black Five.

GMB Secretary-General Tim Roache said in a statement: “Frankly, Amazon’s working conditions are inhuman, workers may be broken, stunned, and taken away by ambulances.”

In June of this year, GMB found a series of information and found that in the past three years, Amazon’s 14 warehouses called 600 ambulances.

In Rugeley, ambulances such as electric shock, bleeding, chest pain and other major trauma ambulances were summoned 115 times, three times because of childbirth needs. In the case of the warehouse staff collected by GMB, one employee said: “I am pregnant, they let me stand for 10 hours, no chairs.”

When the media contacted Amazon on this situation, a spokesperson for the company said: “We can’t comment on the case because we don’t have this situation.”

It is worth noting that the working conditions of Amazon employees have been criticized before, especially the criticism of US Senator Bernie Sanders. Sanders asked Jeff Bezos to raise Amazon’s minimum wage when he campaigned, and said he would investigate what he called “unsafe working conditions.” In October, Amazon raised its minimum wage to $15 an hour.

In response to the protest, Amazon issued the following statement: “All of our workplaces are safe, and some of the opposite reports are wrong. According to the British government’s health and safety executives, Amazon’s injuries are on average less than other transports in the UK. The storage company is 40% less.”

The strike of the Amazon Amazon workers seems to be happening every season, hoping not to affect the sales of cross-border e-commerce sellers.

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