Bad news! Your FBA shipment may not be issued because of these 3 things

Amazon adjusted its inventory policy in March. Sellers with IPI below 350 will have limited quarterly storage. But what Xiaobian said today is not a matter of Amazonian policy, but it is a special case that the seller’s shipments will encounter on the way lately, which may cause the shipment to arrive on time, and even result in failure to issue!
As Wuyi approaches, it is a foregone conclusion

First of all, as May 1st Labor Day is an international holiday, the country that has a holiday is definitely not our China. As a result, many sellers began to urgently stock up to avoid stock-outs, but on the other hand, due to shortages of staff due to holiday arrivals, holidays would occur.

With the hot cross-border e-commerce and the increasing number of Amazon sellers, a large number of customers will be required to prepare FBA to increase the volume of international shipments. The current international courier service is bound to accept challenges, and international holidays will also be There is a shortage of hands, process interruptions and other phenomena. Therefore, no matter which service provider you choose, it is very difficult to avoid arranging. Therefore, when the sellers usually arrange for replenishment, in addition to estimating inventory, they must also pay attention to the impact of international holidays and ship as early as possible, as the delivery time may be several days longer.
The National Port of Tunisia Strikes

Recently,the Tunisian National Port Service Center (CSNPS) announced that port staff throughout Tunisia will strike from Thursday, April 26 to Saturday, April 28. It was just a few days before the May 1 holiday and it was intended that the small partners who had replenished these days noticed.

In the next few days, if CSNPS and the parent company’s industrial employers union UTICA and the Tunisian Ministry of Transport did not reach an agreement, it is expected that there will be a major disruption in the seas, with a wide range of influence. Officials stated that the OMV, which is under the Ministry of Transport of Tunisia, has not taken actions to reduce the bankruptcy risks faced by shipping companies in the maritime sector. In addition, CSNPS also claims that some of the government’s policies have caused shipping companies to face unfair competition. According to UTICA, such policies in Tunisia may lead to the crisis of some Tunisia-related companies in bankruptcy. We reminded the younger partners to pay close attention to the development of the situation. When despatch, it is necessary to ask which port the freight forwarder should go to. Try to avoid goods arriving at the port during the strike to ensure the safety of the goods.
Channel congestion caused by Prime day stocking

In May, the application boom of Prime Day again enabled sellers to start stocking in advance to the FBA warehouse. After all, inventory is also a factor in participating in the Amazon Prime Day review application. In the middle of June of the previous year, Prime Day stocking caused a particularly high price increase for warehouses and logistics.

So this year’s sellers’ time for stocking has obviously been a lot earlier, which is also one of the reasons leading to rowing. Sellers who are facing stock-outs should never expect to be sold out and stocked. When planning, there must be three to five days of available inventory to avoid the time for storage. Every time before the peak season, there will be a situation of storage. The most frequently used warehouses are air plus and Hong Kong freight forwarders. In order to avoid warehousing, the emergency method is to express delivery directly from the mainland, but the delivery cost is also higher. Therefore, the best way to deal with it is to always pay attention to the logistics situation and do a good job of inventory planning. Do not come to replenishment until the time of the outage.

In addition, Prime Day is coming! There are still some young partners who have no qualifications for stocking, because they have not received any invitation! If you want to receive Prime day registration in a short period of time, you will have to cooperate with the bill to increase your conversion rate and improve your product rankings. It is now directly commented that the era of Xiao He’s decline has caused the cost of brushing orders to at least double and the difficulty to double. Therefore, it is especially important to choose a reliable, economical and safe brushing mechanism.

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