Belgian Q1 spends 2.73 billion euros online

Belgian e-commerce accounts for 18% of the retail industry

Recent research by the Belgium Electricity Association BeCommerce shows:

In the first quarter of this year, 7.4 million Belgians had 23 million online shopping transactions, totaling 2.73 billion euros, an increase of 121% compared to the same period last year.

In addition, not only has the amount of online spending increased, but the number of online buyers has also increased by 3%.

According to BeCommerce Managing Director Sofie Geeroms, these results show that Belgian consumers are becoming more accustomed to online shopping. “E-commerce is becoming more and more important, and the industry currently accounts for about 18% of the entire retail industry.”

The reason why the Belgian consumer chooses online shopping is that

Low product prices;
It takes less time than buying things in a physical store.
They are not satisfied with the online shopping process.
High distribution costs;
Long delivery time;
Can’t personally feel or try the product;
You need to pay before you can get the goods.
The Belgian favourite payment method is
When shopping online for products or services, Belgium prefers to pay using Bancontact.

In the first quarter of last year, credit cards were the most popular online payment method in Belgium, and 49% of consumers were using it. But since then, its position has been replaced by Bancontact. In addition, there are also Belgian consumers using PayPal, which accounts for 28%.

In terms of online shopping equipment, 28% of online shopping transactions in Belgium come from desktops, but orders from tablet computers and smart phones are also increasing. Both devices account for 11%.


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