Brazil Post: A fee of approximately US$3.5 will be charged for international parcels

In recent days, one of the hot topics for sellers has been that Brazil Post has begun charging a fee of R$15 (about $3.50) for international mail. For cross-border e-commerce sellers who are one of Brazil’s target markets, sales to the Brazilian market are undoubtedly more difficult.

Recently, a cross-border e-commerce platform has been notified to the seller: the platform received an urgent notice, and Brazil Post temporarily announced that it will charge a handling fee of approximately US$3.5 per order for all international parcels starting from August 27th, local time. This fee is paid by the buyer after self-declaration, and will be refunded if it is not paid. In view of this, the platform advises the seller to inform the buyer before the shipment or on the order that has been shipped in order to avoid disputes.

The foreign media also reported on this news. According to the Rio Times, as of Monday, August 27, all international mail arriving in Brazil via Correios (post office) will be charged a postage of 15 reais. The post office said in a statement that in recent years, it only charges fees for the IRS levy, but as imports increase, the company needs to inject more resources into its operations to maintain service standards.

The post office said that it currently charges only R$15, which is four times lower than the average price of other competing companies that perform the same process.

For foreigners living in Brazil, this policy has caused them to spend more unnecessary expenses. Thomas Robinson, a British national who lives in Rio de Janeiro, was surprised: “It’s unfair and unreasonable. Do I have to spend 15 more to receive a postcard from my grandma?”

This is also a concern for domestic cross-border e-commerce sellers. If you need to spend 15 reais to receive international parcels, I don’t know how many buyers will choose to reject or even reduce cross-border online shopping in the later period.

In the cross-border e-commerce sector, some domestic sellers have defined Brazil as a “chicken rib market” due to a wide range of tariffs, low efficiency in customs clearance, and unstable logistics. But for some platforms and categories, Brazil is the main market. This time, Brazil Post announced that it will charge a fee of 15 reais for international mail. It is a great deal for many sellers. How to deal with the consumption problems caused by this policy, sellers need to think carefully.

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