caveat! The US West Port is near, the seller is shipping or affected.

Los Angeles and Long Beach Harbor are heavily congested.

It is reported that Los Angeles and Long Beach are the largest container trade centers in the United States. Recently, due to the shortage of labor during the Christmas and New Year holidays, and the catching of goods before the customs, the congestion in the port area is very serious.

At present, the major truck companies in the United States are basically at full capacity. According to foreign media reports, now the largest dock in the United States, Los Angeles, has been overwhelmed; after the ship is docked, from the unloading to the extraction, basically more than 7 days, 10 days is basically a median, the extraction time of individual shipping companies It has been 14 days. Such a long time, beyond the expectations of many logistics companies and traders, caused confusion in the entire supply chain.

It is understood that the cause of congestion is caused by the accumulation of Christmas and New Year’s Day New Year holidays. In addition, since the United States announced that it will postpone the 25% punitive tariffs until March 2, importers try to break the tariffs of 10%-25% by increasing the shipments of early spring goods. At the same time, empty cabinets are also causing congestion. The important reason.

Gene Seroka, executive director of Los Angeles Port, told the American shipper: “There is no doubt that we are seeing a surge in freight volume due to concerns about rising tariffs.” He said: “We are also subject to tariffs on Chinese exports to US exports. Impact. The imbalance we usually see is more serious than usual.”

China’s cross-border export sellers are shipped or affected

Due to congestion caused by Los Angeles and Long Beach, there will be delays in delivery of goods, sellers will have to choose other shipping methods, and the cost will increase.

This is accompanied by the fact that the inspection rate in the United States is also rising. After the US Customs usually issues inspection instructions, it will tell the inspection site which day, but recently, the customs staff will wait 4-5 days. Browsing the documents and issuing inspection field instructions greatly delayed the delivery deadline.

Here, remind the sellers who have recently exported goods to the United States, and need to develop the next logistics plan as soon as possible, and make reasonable plans to avoid losses caused by sudden delays such as congestion delays.

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