Delhi High Court ordered Amazon to clear fake sellers

The problem of counterfeit goods will exist more or less on the e-commerce platform, and Amazon has been plagued by fake problems. Before, there were US media reports that Amazon fakes were rampant, and more and more brands stopped working with Amazon and even sued Amazon.

Beverly Hills Polo took Amazon to court last month, claiming that some third-party sellers in Amazon sell a large number of counterfeit products of its brand. Among them, clothing, accessories and perfumes. Awyers of Beverly Hills Polo said that Amazon deleted some URLs after receiving legal notice, but then a new link appeared on

The problem of counterfeit goods on Amazon has always been a big problem for the platform. Before it was revealed that Amazon’s Apple data cable and chargers sold by Amazon were over 90% are fakes. According to the British “Guardian” after ordering products in Amazon, I found a lot of tricks: being used as a genuine sale of the cottage AirPods, the second-hand Apple headset charger sold at the original price… Although Amazon is only B2C (business docking consumers) e-commerce Platforms, fakes may mostly come from third parties.

But Apple accused Amazon of allowing third-party sellers to sell branded products without being authorized by the brand. “There is a suspicion of collusion with fakers.”

An Amazon spokesperson said in an email: “As soon as we find a suspected counterfeit product, we immediately remove it and suspend or block sellers who are suspected of engaging in illegal activities or infringing on the intellectual property rights of others.”

Major Brands in Mumbai operates a franchise store at the Beverly Hills Polo Club in Indian cities including New Delhi and Mumbai. The case was filed by Lifestyle Equities CV, the company that owns the brand.

The American fashion company reached an agreement with Amazon’s largest retailer, Cloudtail, to sell online perfumes and other items. According to the ruling, the company’s lawyer told the court that the company said it would not sell any other products online in India. Currently, the Delhi High Court has ordered Amazon to remove some sellers selling fake goods from its platform.

Over the years, allegations of counterfeit products sold in India and to global companies have increased. At the end of last year, Skechers filed a similar case against Flipkart and four sellers on its platform.

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