Dual-core build method for high quality Amazon Listing title!

The creation of a explosion model, the product is fundamental, the List display is a necessary condition, there is no good product, to create explosives is just an empty talk, and there is no good Listing to show that the process of building is also a half-dozen things.

Among the various elements of the List details, the title is the one with the highest weight.

Help many sellers diagnose Listing. In their mouths, they think that the title is often miserable. The direct result is that the conversion rate is low, sales are not expected, and input-output ratio is not worthwhile. So, what kind of Amazon Title is an excellent title?

According to the experience in operation, I think a good title must include two core elements: product keywords and aesthetic modifiers.

Undoubtedly, in a Listing, the role of the product keyword is to make the product appear on the search results page, in front of potential consumers (search for the word’s consumers), if a Listing title is missing keywords, or key Words are inaccurate, either missed by potential users, or the conversion rate is not high due to inaccurate incoming traffic. It takes a long time and affects the weighting and ranking of Listing. It is also not good news.

However, in the setting of product keywords, different sellers will also have different problems. In general, product keywords fall into three categories: broad keywords (also called big words), precise keywords (core keywords), and long-tail keywords. Broad keywords cover a wide area, but the targeted target user groups are not precise, and sometimes they bring some unrelated traffic. Accurate keywords point to precise, accurate access to the part of the customer group that matches their own product. Long tail keywords are further narrowed based on precise keywords. In this sense, long tail words are precise words, but the difference is that long tail keywords point to smaller groups and are targets after subdivision. Customer groups.

For sellers, simply knowing the classification of keywords is not enough. In the selection and setting of keywords, we must learn to empathize, that is, from the consumer’s point of view, assuming that they are consumers, what will be used? Words to search for this keyword? To understand this logic, the power of keyword setting is even higher.

In the product title, we try to use the core keywords as the core support. If we fit in with the scenario, we add the scope-defining word before and after the core keyword, thus forming the structure of the core keyword + long tail keywords. Of course, For most of the products, the core keyword itself contains a wide range of keywords. In this setting, a single title also includes three types of keywords.

In addition to the above keyword collocation structure, taking into account that many times because of different consumer habits, the title of the same product will be different, the result is that a product may have multiple core keywords, then the seller Before setting the product title, several core keywords should be listed. Then combine the sentence meaning and context in the title and place them in different positions to achieve the purpose that a title contains multiple core keywords.

Because of the keywords in the title, the product is displayed on the search result page and displayed to the user. The task at the keyword level is completed. At this time, the role of the title has changed, and it is transformed into a persuasive salesman. But after all, the title cannot speak for itself, and the appropriate modifiers now play the role of a salesman and the tasks that need to be completed are to persuade consumers to buy. However, we try to put ourselves in the real shopping scene and we know that consumers’ buying decisions are often not all about rational thinking. Besides rational thinking, there are emotional appeals and appeals. In real life, so is online shopping. And if a title can be properly used with aesthetic modifiers, it can achieve the effect of inspiring consumers.

What kind of words can play a dual role of beauty and appeal? Free Shipping? Amazon does not allow use. Fashion? seems to be normal. However, if it is Premium, if it is Upgrade? Try to read it and try to think into it, you can feel the strong emotion that such words can bring to consumers, even in the consumer. The heart was planted with an anchor, oblivious and lingering.

Therefore, in the complete sentence that forms the title, it is imperative to use some aesthetic modifiers that can appeal to the consumer’s resonance and sensibilities.

In a sense, in a headline, product keywords play a role in finding customers in need, and aesthetic modifiers can serve the purpose of satisfying inner desires.

Both are indispensable.

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