Easily capturing a large number of consumers, Amazon used this trick to win!

Wal-Mart has announced that it is going to design a new website for the website. The new website will pay more attention to personalization and shopping experience. Then the question is, will there be customers who are away from Amazon because of old web pages?

The case is negative, but there seems to be some contradictions! Because Amazon’s web pages look outdated and even a bit clumsy compared to Wal-Mart’s new web pages, the same layout has been applied to different product categories for more than a decade. However, people still attract more customers every quarter, and they still have a tendency of continuous growth.

Have to say, Amazon is still a lever, it recklessly “fire”?

In fact, Amazon only used this trick to easily capture the hearts of most consumers. Take clothing category to give an example:

According to relevant data, Amazon will become the largest clothing retailer in the United States in 2018. When searching for “t-shirts” on its webpage, the search results reached 23 million.

Although most of the clothing brands are doing their best to promote sales to increase sales, the perseverance consumers love the Amazon is really iron powder! Most of them think that the clothes bought on Amazon are well-dressed. Although some consumers openly criticized Amazon’s counterfeit goods, it did not stop Amazon from becoming the market leader.

The psychology of most shoppers is that they all want to find the right product at the most suitable price as much as possible, but do not worry about their choice too much, because the more choices, the greater the chance of finding the favorite. There are multiple products in the same category, which is what Amazon is good at and its greatest advantage.

Although Amazon’s similar products are not necessarily the cheapest, consumers believe that it is indeed the most worthwhile website. At least this is what my brother-in-law wants.

Especially for Prime members, there are more than 100 million members worldwide. They believe that spending time on finding alternative e-commerce sites and saving time on using credit cards is worth the money for most people.

Therefore, convenience is more important than management and personalization than design.

Of course, Amazon also wants to have these things. It has always put the needs of most shoppers in the first place, focusing on meeting customer expectations.

This is why the Amazon web design is poor and lacks modern trends. It is still a cause of fire. In this environment, new things may be better and more attractive, but it is not directly oriented to consumers.

Amazon has established a shopping experience that suits most people and most products. This is better than any other online retailer. Obviously, this model works.

For sellers, Amazon is a dangerous place, because it will involve a series of headaches such as auditing, infringement, deletion, and closing accounts. But most consumers are on Amazon, so you need to hold your brother’s thigh tight.

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