eBay invites sellers to test new features for payment

Currently, eBay has invited sellers to register eBay Payments Beta in the US, and those who have used the new payment process have given the following feedback:

eBay will combine payments and invoices into one account;

Payment will be sent to the user’s bank account daily;

eBay is exploring a faster way to get paid from partners;

All fees will be displayed on an eBay invoice, including payment fees;

Users participating in the beta will receive special discounts to promote their use of new features;

eBay will automatically update all product listings to add eBay payments as the default payment option.

New features that are currently known include these. With eBay Payments Beta’s seller store, buyers can pay with a bank card or credit card or Apple Pay when placing an order, but they cannot pay with PayPal. In the short term, this phenomenon may cause buyers’ resistance, because they are used to buying on eBay and paying with a single click.

When eBay Payments is over, the buyer can choose to pay more widely, and PayPal may be included.

However, eBay payments during the new feature test do not support global shipping plans. Part of the reason for this is undoubtedly because sellers pay for the price of their own products and domestic shipments, and some of the payments are given to global shipping providers for normal product delivery at each site. This may result in a certain reduction in sales for global sellers of the trial eBay Payments beta.

Also, if the seller chooses to join the eBay Payments beta, they will not be able to opt out.

According to sources, the current rate of testing eBay Payments new features is 2.7%, which is lower than the PayPal exchange rate, but the functional beta has a certain discount, I don’t know what the real rate will be.

In addition, seller funds trying out this feature cannot be withdrawn immediately, and it may take 2-4 days in the United States for funds to reach the seller’s bank account. If the seller relies on PayPal in the initial stages of funding, it will need to re-adapt to this new feature of eBay.

The new feature has the advantage that if there is a dispute between the buyer and the seller, eBay will become a direct communication party, and the buyer will not be able to choose to switch to the PayPal refund, which can be directly refunded. However, there are no examples of buyers who can use credit card refunds.

If the seller is accustomed to entering PayPal Feed payment information into your financial management system, you will need to be ready to manually update your account records.

After learning some of the features of eBay Payments Beta, should the seller try this new feature?

Obviously, using this feature during the test is completely optional because of the discount. But sellers should be forced to use eBay payments, the cost issue is not sure about this factor. At the same time, after using this feature, other features (such as using PayPal, global shipping plan) may not be available.

Currently, this feature may not be suitable for experienced eBay sellers, as it may cause some damage to existing automated services (such as accounts), but if the seller’s majority of the process is manual, you can choose to use this new feature. .

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