eBay seller convicted of selling counterfeit helmets

After four days of trial, eBay sellers have been convicted of selling counterfeit helmets. The seller involved was the Kentucky man Matthew S. Stepp. He was eventually convicted of eight counts of mail fraud and three counts of selling fake and shoddy products. He was convicted and sentenced to September.

It is understood that Stepp was accused of fraudulently buying consumers by selling counterfeit helmets between May and November 2014. The prosecutor said that Stepp had purchased counterfeit helmets for dollar coins from AliExpress and then sold them through eBay, so he was charged with three counts of selling counterfeit goods.

Evidence during the trial showed that Stepp purchased counterfeit Specialized S-Works Prevail, Giro Aeon, and Catlike Whisper bicycle helmets for $50 to $70 on Ali Express and on eBay for $150 and more. For sale, the retail price of some helmets exceeds $200. Profit is not low!

However, Stepp’s lawyers believe that before purchasing these helmets, the parties did not realize that they were fake. The seller in question had filed suit with AliExpress and its parent company Alibaba in 2014, but the suit was subsequently withdrawn.

The seller’s testimony also mentioned that in mid-October 2014, they realized that the helmet they were selling might be counterfeit. They also notified eBay and the National Intellectual Property Coordination Center and immediately contacted the Department of Homeland Security of Louisville. On November 6, 2014, relevant authorities seized 45 counterfeit helmets at Stepp’s home.

These counterfeit helmets were found not to contain high-quality genuine materials and a roll cage or internal reinforcement incorporated in the standard Giro bicycle helmet. When the helmet was placed on the head and landed on the test surface at approximately 11 miles per hour, the helmet was broken into pieces, resulting in direct contact between the head and the test surface.

“The testimony at the trial showed that a consumer wearing a counterfeit helmet may have caused the skull to fracture, brain damage or death as a result of wearing this helmet.”

On September 10, Stepp will be sentenced in the United States District Court in Louisville. It was also a big sale case. The seller’s final outcome was very tragic. Even the people were sentenced, and there was no need to think about the store or the funds. Selling fake can not be done, do the cross-border e-commerce old iron and line and cherish it!

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