Excellent! After the seller went out to sea, sales surged 232%

The birth of the Neon Poodle brand

At the time, Sammy Gibson wanted to customize a child-friendly neon for her daughter’s bedroom – both for night lighting and for adding interiors to the interior, but in several places (from home to Brisbane) The stores in Sydney and Melbourne did not find suitable sellers. Because those stores are sold in batches, no one cares about her little buyer.

After hitting the wall many times, Sammy and her husband Jason decided to create neon products themselves. Her requirements for the product are:

Beautiful and easy to customize;

Safe for children’s bedrooms.

This is the birth of the Neon Poodle brand.

In just three years, Neon Poodle quickly became the first place in the Australian neon industry e-commerce website.

Neon Poodle development bottleneck

However, as the Australian market becomes saturated, the biggest challenge Sammy and her husband face is how to sustain growth. So they decided to enter the international market and expand their business to Europe and North America.

The expansion of these two markets took about a year and a half, and there were many obstacles to overcome. E.g:

Find a courier company like ShipStation for overseas orders and find tools for overseas tax management;

Open a cross-border payment management account to handle international payments without adding additional costs and costs;

Use tools to manage and measure growth and sales for each location.

The final result is shocking, and this is also an affirmation of the hard work of the couple. Because they have entered the international market, Neon Poodle’s revenue has increased by 232.14%.

Revelation: Expand sales network to promote growth

In the beginning, it was good for sellers to offer unique segment products to target customer segments. This is how Sammy created Neon Poodle by selling custom neon lights to Australians.

When everything is in place, one of the best ways to achieve growth is to expand the market.

A good example is Facebook. It was originally a website for college students, but when the market was saturated, the site became open to all users.

Another example of market expansion comes from Noah, who runs a Facebook game company called Gambit, where half of the company’s revenue comes from international users, and the marketing costs invested in these users are indeed zero. The opportunity to increase the cost of marketing for overseas users will follow.

When online store sales growth begins to level off, sellers can look at how to expand the market. If you only sell in one country, you may be able to expand to a new place. If most of the sales come from one or several regions, you can plan some marketing campaigns for them.

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