Facebook gives benefits to sellers, and a big wave of red nets is your choice!

Acebook allows sellers to trade directly with Net Red

It is understood that Facebook is testing a red platform, where sellers can find online reds matching their own products for product promotion, off-site drainage, and increase exposure on Facebook. This is really a big deal. Benefits ~~

As shown above, the seller can select different options on the left to target the target audience, such as: country, gender, age, educational background, emotional status, hobbies, life experiences, housing status, etc.

The results page of the search will list the eligible web reds, and show the matching degree of their audiences with the search terms, the percentage reaching the fans, the participation degree, the number of fans, the video playing amount, and the like.

Sellers can view the works of Net Red, or they can save them to a private list. Sellers can then contact them directly to conduct transactions and discuss how to create and share product promotion content.

Promotional content should have net red participation in production

Since the platform is still in the early stages of testing, there are not many specific details. However, there is a point that Facebook does not allow pure re-sharing of content, that is, the seller pays the money to let Net Red publish its own pre-made content, and Net Red has not participated in the production at all—this is not allowed.

In addition, this new project is likely to be used in conjunction with the Facebook Creator APP in order to list those who have already registered. The latter is a tool launched by Facebook last year to encourage more video creators to release original content.

Although Facebook can’t be compared with YouTube in terms of video, there are many users. In June last year, Zuckerberg announced that the number of Facebook users has reached 2 billion, which is a great advantage.

In addition to promoting products with WebRed, sellers can also pay more attention to several online products related to their product categories, and see what their fans have about the products, and perhaps they can find ideas for selecting products.

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