FBA cost calculation is a headache? Here are 5 free tools recommended

Amazon provides FBA sellers with diversified, personalized services that also charge a fee. However, different charges for goods vary, so sellers need to simply estimate FBA costs. This article will introduce several FBA cost calculators, including third-party cost calculators, and Amazon’s own cost calculators to help sellers calculate related expenses and estimate actual profits.

First, third-party Amazon FBA cost calculator

1, Sellerprime

Sellerprime offers Amazon sellers free FBA calculators. By calculating the marketing, pay-per-click, and other FBA-related basic fees that sellers may face, help sellers understand the product sales process of Amazon’s product sales.

2、Viral Launch

Viral Launch also offers a free Amazon FBA cost calculator that allows you to use the calculator with just a click of a URL. As long as the seller enters the product’s link and product ASIN number, Viral Launch can calculate the approximate FBA fee. Viral Launch estimates accuracy to prevent sellers from wasting time and energy.


AMZScout is simple and quick to help sellers estimate FBA costs. As long as the seller enters the ASIN number of the product on the website, the FBA cost can be calculated carefully.

4、AMZScout/Google Chrome

AMZScout also provides a simple plug-in for Google Chrome users. Sellers can quickly calculate FBA costs without opening other pages. This plug-in has been fully verified and thoroughly calculated and free of charge.

Second, Amazon’s own multinational FBA calculator

In addition to the four calculators listed above, Amazon also has its own FBA cost calculator that can be used by sellers to calculate FBA fees for various products. Amazon Calculator supports multiple countries, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Mexico, and India.

Sellers can easily find Amazon’s own FBA cost calculator in the seller center.

For all FBA sellers, Amazon’s FBA cost calculator service is very important. These calculators help sellers calculate the cost of different functions of FBA services, including ordering, picking goods packages, shipping and handling, and storing products.

Here are the steps for Amazon’s own FBA calculator:

The first step: Find your product on the Amazon platform.

Step 2: Enter the product cost, transportation cost, and total cost of each product on the FBA calculator.

Step 3: Select “Calculate” and the FBA calculator will calculate the cost details based on the input data so that the seller will have a rough idea of ​​what the FBA stores.

In addition, if the seller has self-delivery products, you can enter these costs on the left side of the calculator, such as product costs, Amazon order fulfillment prices, packaging fees and shipping costs. Through these figures, sellers can compare their costs to decide whether to distribute or use Amazon FBA services.

The Amazon FBA Cost Calculator above is simple to operate and supports multiple languages. So no matter what country the seller operates in, regardless of language, you can use the Amazon FBA cost calculator free of charge, and get stable and efficient income.

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