Foreign media: An accident occurred in the Amazon New Jersey warehouse, causing 54 employees to be injured and one seriously injured

According to foreign media reports, on Wednesday morning, an automatic machine in the Amazon warehouse in New Jersey punctures a jar of bear repellent containing concentrated capsaicin, an active ingredient of pepper, which was discharged, resulting in 54 Workers were injured and a worker was taken to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in Hamilton for emergency treatment!

According to foreign media, a total of 54 Amazon employees were exposed to bear repellent on Wednesday morning and felt sick, throat and eyes burning and breathing difficulties. But the good news is that the warehouse is about 1.3 million square feet and is well ventilated. The soot is limited to the south wing of the third floor of the distribution center and does not threaten the residents of the area.

According to Robbinsville spokesperson John Nalbone, 24 workers were sent to five local hospitals. A worker was seriously injured and was taken to the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in Hamilton for treatment. As of now, the details of other workers have not been known.

Nalbone said the repellent contains capsaicin and the pepper extract comes from plant peppers. According to an interpreter at the National Park Service’s Bell Management Office, these ingredients are “extremely irritating to the skin, eyes, nose, throat and lungs of bears, humans and other mammals” and are known to National Park.

An analyst at Yellowstone National Park said the symptoms usually resolve within 45 minutes, but the exposed person should be closely monitored.

Amazon confirmed that damaged cans could spread strong smoke inside the facility and said it was investigating.

A spokesman for Amazon said in a statement: “Today at the distribution center in Robbinsville, a damaged aerosol can distribute strong smoke in the enclosed area of ​​the facility. The safety of our employees is our top priority, therefore, All employees in the area have moved to a safe place, and employees with symptoms are receiving treatment. As a precaution, some employees are sent to local hospitals for evaluation and treatment.”

Union Chairman Stuart Applebaum said in a statement: “Amazon’s automated robots put humanity at risk of life today, and its impact may be catastrophic. The long-term impact of this injured worker is still unclear. The wealthiest companies in the world cannot continue to give up the lives of their workers. Our unions will not back down until Amazon is responsible for these and more dangerous labor practices.”

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