July 11, 2017

Foreign trade, in addition to Amazon? There are 14 cross-border electricity business platform!

Foreign trade, in addition to Amazon? There are 14 cross-border electricity business platform!

Turning to the cross-border export platform, I believe that most people will talk blurted out of Amazon, eBay and wish, of course, they are indeed very important cross-border electricity business platform, but not just that only a few cross-border electricity business platform.

In fact, each cross-border electricity business platform has its own industry advantages and loyal customer base, or in a country or region has important or special influence. For cross-border electricity providers, online channel diversification is an important way to expand the network channels and scale.

In addition, for some specific products and brands, the selected target market for deep root is also an important business strategy. Then the use of local important targeted business platform is also a natural thing.

Http://ouxu6kd.com1.z0.glb.clouddn.com/upload-ueditor-image-20170630-1498788390363012572.jpg Middle East version of the Amazonian business website Souq.com. Has 6 million users, and can reach 10 million per month of independent visits. According to the current situation of the site, Souq has begun to consider expanding other business. For example, Souq has built its own logistics system QExpress and payment system PayFort. Moreover, Souq also launched its own brand of Tablet PC. Souq.com, Cobone.com and Sukar.com are the three largest local e-commerce sites in the Middle East.



Known as Southeast Asia’s largest online shopping mall. Is the Rocket Internet to create “Southeast Asia version of Amazon” and the creation of the company. Get Ali $ 1 billion injection holdings. Sales of electronic products, clothing, utensils, books, cosmetics, etc., the market covers Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. The company offers free shipping, free shipping within 14 days, and flexible payment methods. Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam, the Internet penetration rate of more than the world average.

The new egg network was established in 2001 and headquartered in Los Angeles, Southern California. New Egg Network is the leading online supermarket in the US leading computer, consumer electronics, and communications products. The new egg gathers about 4,000 sellers and more than 25 million customer groups. Initially sold consumer electronics and IT products, but now has expanded to the whole category, up to 55,000 kinds of species. Attracted 18 to 35 years old rich and familiar with the Internet of men. The best-selling category is automotive supplies, sporting goods and office supplies. Particularly noteworthy is that most consumers are male, but female consumers are also growing fast.

Rakuten.com (Rakuten)


Founded in 1997, has now become Japan’s largest e-commerce site, the market value of 13.5 billion US dollars, annual revenue of more than 4 billion US dollars. Rakuten is also one of the world’s largest Internet companies. In the US market, Lotte spent $ 250 million to buy Buy.com, in 2013 the company changed its name to “Rakuten.com” (Rakuten.com Shopping). Lotte shopping gathered 3,000 sellers, more than 80 million customers and 23 million products. The customer base is between 25 and 54, with half of men and women. Rakuten.com was originally specialized in computer and electronics, but it now offers sporting goods, health and beauty, home and gardening, jewelry and toys.

Bestbuy (Best Buy)


Think of the loss of physical stores online it in 2011 to enter the network market. Gathered more than 100 sellers. There are up to 1 billion visits per year. Unlike other business platforms, only invited sellers can stay on the platform and the product can appear at Best Buy stores. But the product is limited to consumer electronics products.




Britain ‘s largest food and grocery retailer. Its electricity business website was established in 2012, gathered more than 50 sellers, 43 million club card members, 4 million per month visits. Is the line under the huge customer base transferred to the line. Competitors include Amazon, eBay and Lotte Play.com. Products include such as home and gardening, baby supplies, sports and leisure, clothing and jewelry. Open only to invited sellers.

La Redoute
Founded in 2010, is the leading online retailer in France, Europe’s third largest e-commerce market. Gathered more than 1,000 vendors and 10 million customers. Covering 26 countries. Shangri-La Fu is mainly for women aged 26 to 35 years of age. Its product categories include men’s and women’s clothing, underwear, shoes and jewelry, furniture, technology and so on. But do not sell second-hand products.

MercadoLivre (charm card network)


Brazil’s largest local C2C platform, the equivalent of China’s Taobao. The use of this platform is conducive to understanding the various types of Brazilian price index, consumer trends, payment habits and other market information. Gathered more than 52,000 sellers and registered users 50.2 million. Visits Ranked Global TOP50. Covering 13 countries and regions (Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Dominican Republic, Paraguay, Venezuela and Portugal). In addition to electronic trading platform, there are the largest in South America similar to Alipay’s payment platform. Leading to Mexico and Argentina and other countries do not have localized sites. Initially, it was just an auction site, but in today, mainly online sales platform. Taking into account the rapid increase in Internet penetration, MercardoLivre can provide sellers with a huge potential for South American market opportunities.

Trade Me


New Zealand’s largest online trading market, with more than 3.1 million members. 1.4 billion pages per month show. New and second-hand goods store categories include baby supplies, books, clothing, computers and household items. Originally the second-hand goods auction market, is the early ebay replica, but now also the same as the new ebay, selling new products.

It is Russia’s largest electricity business platform, currently occupies 20% of the Russian electricity market share. The next decade goal is to get 80% of the Russian electricity market share. As we all know, the domestic Taobao early full of many opportunities, many Amoy brand come to the fore. Today’s Ozon, like Taobao of the same year, do not know how many Chinese sellers have been stationed in the sub-platform? Russia’s more important local electric business platform Lamoda, Wildberries, KupiVIP (all fashion), Ulmart and Svyaznoy (consumer electronics ).

Otto (Otto Group)
From Germany’s leading provider of e-commerce solutions and services, in the global comprehensive B2C ranking, second only to Amazon in second place, but also the world’s largest online clothing, apparel and daily necessities retail channel business. Its shop to sell the variety of goods up to millions of species. Sale of goods covering men and women clothing, household appliances, household goods, sports equipment, computers, video games. The sale of a wide range of brands, the basic market can see the brand can be found in the OTTO shop inside. In addition to OTTO also has its own brand, cost is very high

Http://7xo6kd.com1.z0.glb.clouddn.com/upload-ueditor-image-20170630-1498789850727057569.jpg is the largest e-commerce retail company in Nigeria, with the goal of creating local “Amazon”, selling electronic products , Clothing, refrigerators and other goods. With a population of about 160 million in Nigeria, e-commerce sites are few, the number of physical supermarkets and shopping malls is also extremely limited, which for e-commerce companies to provide a huge potential market. Nigerian Internet users have reached more than 4000 million, and the rapid growth. At the same time, Nigeria’s online shopping needs are improving. In recent years, Nigeria has emerged a variety of e-commerce sites, including food, beverages, real estate, travel and mobile transfer business and so on. To Jumia, Konga and Dealdey and other major business competition is taking shape, “Africa version of Ctrip” Hotels.ng is also rapidly to seize the online travel market.


Gmarket is Korea’s largest integrated shopping site, ranked first in the South Korean online retail sales of goods, mainly selling books, MP3, cosmetics, computers, home appliances, clothes and so on. May 7, 2010 ebay announced that it will set up a joint venture between Korea’s e-commerce company Gmarket and ebay for $ 10 million. The joint venture will help Gmarket to open up the Japanese and Singapore markets.

Sears (Sears)


Sears is the third largest volume retailer in the United States, ranking fifth among Internet retailers. Gather more than 10,000 sellers and up to 110 million products. It offers a variety of marketing models for self-employed, large sellers and affiliates. Category, including electronic products, household goods, outdoor life, tools, fitness, toys and so on. The most popular categories are lawn and garden.