Global e-commerce consumption reached $3.4 trillion! These people love cross-border online shopping.

Global e-commerce consumption will reach 3.4 trillion US dollars

Although the recent trade war has left many cross-border sellers uneasy, the development of the entire e-commerce industry will not be stagnant. Be aware that online shopping is one of the most popular online activities on a global scale.

Accenture said that by 2020, there will be more than 2 billion online shoppers worldwide, and their online shopping consumption will reach 3.4 trillion US dollars, accounting for 13.5% of total retail consumption.

The following is the market size of B2C e-commerce and cross-border B2C e-commerce in various regions of the world (unit: billion US dollars)↓

It is clear that the size of B2C e-commerce and cross-border B2C e-commerce in various regions is growing. By 2020, Asia Pacific will far exceed North America and become the largest B2C e-commerce region, with Western Europe ranking third, while consumers in North Central and Africa, Central and Eastern Europe and Latin America prefer cross-border shopping, especially In the Middle East and Africa, cross-border B2C accounts for up to 60%.

The United States is not the only choice

Trump imposes tariffs on goods imported from China, and some American sellers bluntly say “desperate”! But the little friends, must you hang on this tree neck?

Think about it, the world is so big, in addition to the United States and other North American countries, as well as Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia not far from our country.

It is true that the United States is a mature e-commerce market with a large scale. But don’t forget, the more mature the market becomes more saturated, the more intense the competition will be. Sellers can consider some emerging markets, such as India, where the brother-in-law and the stock gods are optimistic, Amazon and the Middle East, which Amazon has targeted, and some European countries that like AliExpress.

In Latin America, for example, eMarketer predicts that e-commerce retail sales in Latin America will grow by 17.9% this year to $53.2 billion. Although growth will slow down in the next few years, it is expected that by 2022, e-commerce retail sales will reach 82.33 billion US dollars.

The key to entering new markets

Of course, entering a new market is not so easy to say.

First of all, sellers must first understand the local culture, environment and related laws before entering a new market, and see if their products have a market. Products are the foundation of doing business, and some big flowers spend 80% of their energy to choose products.

Second, provide good customer service. Because many sellers sell on third-party e-commerce platforms, they will save a lot of things, such as the choice of payment tools, the arrangement of product information, etc., are all limited by the platform. The seller can focus on what he can do, such as responding to the buyer’s information in a timely manner, and solving the buyer’s questions as soon as possible.

Finally, to improve the timeliness and safety of parcel delivery, if you are in the face of lost goods, delays in delivery, etc., only buyers are bad reviews + orders are lost. These “double-clear tax packages” have long been inapplicable. If the pursuit of logistics is fast and cheap, the potential risks are extremely high. Therefore, sellers not only have to operate their own compliance, but also to find a reliable logistics service provider, such as the leading cross-border e-commerce logistics leading company 4PX hand four parties (Shenzhen Di Sifang Express Co., Ltd.), has been invited CCTV CCTV many times Interviews, nearly 30 overseas warehouses in Europe, America, Asia and other parts of the world, and launched its own small package line – United Post, 34 direct mail routes all over the world. The continuous improvement of the direct flight charter, high-quality customs clearance service, fast-paced one-stop delivery, 4PX hand-to-four parties continue to refresh the cross-border logistics experience of global consumers.

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