Hapag-Lloyd and UASC officially merged into a new company,DHL starts the global freight flight service

Hapag-Lloyd and the Arabian ship UASC officially completed the merger; DHL start the global freight package service; Indian logistics company Delhivery China Fuxing Group 30 million US dollars injection.
One: Hapag-Lloyd and uasc officially merged into a new company

May 24, the German transport and logistics business in the container shipping giant Hapag-Lloyd announced the completion of the merger with the Arabian ship uasc, the two officially became a company, which the global liner market is a milestone in the historical significance.
By merging, the new Hapag-Lloyd will be one of the top five liner operators in the world, with a fleet of 226, totaling capacity of 154.3 million teu, or 7.4% of the world’s total capacity. To further consolidate its market position in the Nordic to North American trade routes.
The combined new Hapag-Lloyd will provide global maritime logistics services with larger, more efficient vessels, and customers become beneficiaries.

Second, the US national air to provide global freight services

National Airlines and Navitrans USA announced plans to launch weekly regular global cargo services on June 1. The new route is the global freight hub marathon, this new route will be between the United States and China Navitrans USA provides two flights a week.
The RTW route will connect five key hubs in North America, Europe, Central Asia and the Far East within 36 hours to meet the world’s growing international air transport needs.
The opening of new cargo routes, to further enhance the global air cargo capacity, services, global trade.
Third, the Amazon R & D UAV low-altitude delivery

In order to accelerate the development of UAV services, Amazon intends to invest in the French suburbs of Paris to build a new R & D center. It is understood that this new UAV express service called Prime Air, Amazon, the new R & D center is the ultimate goal of creating a 30-minute door-to-door UAV fast service.
In addition to this new R & D center, Amazon has built Prime Air R & D centers around the world, including the United States, Austria and Israel.
Amazon in the UAV research and development spared no effort, but also to promote the future of logistics and delivery of technological change.
Fourth, the British logistics company to achieve logistics information visualization

Recently, the British Europa global logistics company launched a new IT system project LeoCab, the new technology installed in the driver’s cab, so as to strengthen the exchange and delivery of information exchange.
It is understood that the LeoCab system integrates vehicle satellite navigation technology, can effectively combine traffic monitoring and location updates, so that the Leonardo system can more accurately predict the driver to reach the point of delivery and delivery time, to achieve full visualization of transport.
This new technology can further improve the visibility of cargo tracking and enhance the safety of cargo distribution.
Fifth, the Indian electricity business market warming, logistics demand growth

Indian logistics company Delhivery recently received $ 30 million in private equity investment, the leader for the China Fuxing Group. It is reported that Dehlivery was founded in 2011 and headquartered in Delhi, currently in more than 600 cities in India to provide logistics courier services.
Benefited from the Indian electricity business in recent years, increasingly hot, the Indian logistics industry growth rate of more than 16%, a number of overseas capital also continued to India’s domestic logistics enterprises into strategic investment.
India’s electricity market continues to heat up, will attract more capital investment in the field of logistics.
Six, DHL start the global freight package service

May 22, DHL Global Cargo launched the first connection to China Shenzhen – Belarus Minsk regular class service, the line with a full 12 days. This is DHL Asia and Europe between the multimodal transport network among the latest line, in series with the “one way along the way” along a number of major cities. After the opening of the line, along the various countries and cities will be able to enjoy the DHL Pinxiang and Zhengxiang freight services.

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