Hot selling toy infringement, a large number of sellers were accused yesterday, someone was fined $7500

Yesterday, another infringement case, the infringing products were hot children’s toys, a large number of sellers were accused, and faced with the punishment of freezing the account.

A large number of sellers were accused of infringement

A number of Wish sellers broke the news and received an infringing email from the platform yesterday. The contents of the email are as follows↓

In the US District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, in the lawsuit filed by the MONCHHICHI trademark and its owner, you were named as the defendant. According to the order in the lawsuit, Wish has been ordered to freeze your merchant account, which means that the original will not be paid. The money paid to you. Up to now, the store can still sell other products, you can file a lawsuit, otherwise the lawyer will default the result, all the money of the store will be transferred to the copyright owner.

An email caused the seller’s panic, and yesterday a large number of sellers who sold the products around Monchiqi were accused. Some sellers said that they were fined $7,500 in the early morning. This is not a joke for the April Fools’ Day platform. This is a real infringement lawsuit.

What is Monchiqi, why is it infringing?

Why are there a large number of sellers recruiting? This is related to this infringing product. It is understood that Mengqi is a lovely little monkey, which is the product of Sekiguchi Company of Momoko Peach Company. The image of Monchhichi has been registered as early as 2005. The main registered products are toys, clothes, shoes and hats.

Toys, clothing, shoes and hats are all hot products on the e-commerce platform, and Mengqiqi is a favorite cartoon image, but this image is not as widely known as Mickey Mouse and Disney Princess. So there should be a lot of sellers who are not acquainted with this registered image.

Among the infringing sellers, one seller was very wronged. After being notified by the platform of the infringement of Mengqi, he still had a face and forced himself to sell the Monchiqi products. In fact, not only is this monkey image including the name Monchhichi registered, at present, some law firms also use image retrieval to conduct product inspections, and products with similar images also have the risk of infringement.

The law firm that initiated this Monchiqi rights case is Keith, which is familiar to everyone. This lawsuit seems to be helping some cartoon characters and children’s toys in the near future. Like the Hacky Sack sandbags and Miffy Mifi rabbits in the past, this law is the law. The case initiated. Recently, the law firm has acted quite a lot, and sellers selling related products must be careful.

When a seller encounters a case at Keith Law Firm, he can initiate a lawsuit. In view of the different ways of operation of each law firm, there are sellers who can introduce the law, and there is room for complaints. For some small-scale freezes, you can still try your luck. Can you successfully thaw? In the near future, infringements are frequent, and all kinds of cases make sellers invincible. Especially in the selection season, sellers should be extra cautious. It is very important to do self-examination before the products are put on shelves.

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