How do sellers respond to some returns from Amazon?

Detailed product description

The seller should give a detailed description of his listing, but don’t be too exaggerated. If the buyer buys a product that does not meet his own psychological expectations, it feels that the difference between the buyer’s show and the seller’s show is too big, and the buyer will feel fooled. Under normal circumstances, the buyer will return the product directly, or directly purchase the products of your competitors.

Dimension in the product image

Most buyers are very visual, so the picture of the product will give buyers the most intuitive experience, although the seller has a detailed description of the product in words, they may still have difficulty figuring what it looks like.

For these people, it is necessary to mark the size of the product on the product image, so that buyers will think that your product description is very responsible.

For some smaller products, it is also important to have an accurate concept of size, as it is more intuitive to let buyers know about the portability and usability of this product. For larger products, the description of the size determines whether the buyer is suitable for placement at home.

Show multi-angle images

One of the most common mistakes of Amazon sellers is the mistake that should not be made, that is, they only show a perspective of the product in the photo. This limits the customer’s complete understanding of your product and does not know exactly what the product looks like.

From the buyer’s point of view, if you buy a product and find that the other side has a side that you don’t like, it will lead to bad reviews and distrust of the buyer.

Add a product video

Video can more effectively display the seller’s products and its functions, and video demonstrations of specific product features and functions can increase sales more effectively, while also reducing buyer returns.

Choose FBA delivery

Sellers usually choose FBA shipments so that they can be delivered to buyers in a timely and timely manner. If, on the way to Amazon FBA shipment, there is an event that the package is missing or damaged.

Sellers can find the person in charge of Amazon to communicate, so that they may be eligible for a refund of the order, and FBA can reduce the seller’s loss.

Good customer evaluation

Good customer evaluation is a very effective way to sell products to customers. Whether you are selling on Amazon or selling through your own dedicated website, customer reviews are an integral part of this process.

Therefore, when customers see that your products have many positive comments, they will have more confidence in the seller’s products, and buyers are willing to spend more money to buy products with better evaluation.

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