In order to restore the lost Prime members, Amazon offers a 10% discount on the total food

At the end of last month, Amazon raised Prime’s membership fee and scared off half of its members, perhaps to restore the situation. It began offering 10% discounts to Prime members at Whole Foods.

Amazon offers Prime members 10% discount at Whole Foods Supermarket

This Wednesday, at the Whole Foods store in Florida, Amazon has offered Prime members a 10% discount.

So with this 10% discount, how much money can buyers save? For example, in Florida this week, Prime members can get a $2 discount from a pound of organic strawberries, or save $10 on a wild flounder steak.

In order to facilitate use by Prime members, shoppers simply scan the Whole Foods app in the registry or provide their cashier with their phone number to show that they are Prime members and they can enjoy discounts. In addition, Amazon said that a 10% discount on special offers will apply to hundreds of products throughout the store.

In addition to the state of Florida, this summer Amazon promised to promote discounts across the country in a chain of Whole Foods supermarkets. Of course, these are also for Prime members, and they can also enjoy exclusive discounts on specific products.

At present, Amazon has not yet really done such activities in the full-food supermarkets in Canada and the United Kingdom.

Amazon’s move to restore the lost half of Prime members?

In the process of pushing Prime membership to Whole Foods, Amazon is trying to attract more people to Prime membership in various ways. During Thanksgiving last year, Amazon provided Prime members with turkey discounts in a Whole Foods supermarket, which broke the record of selling turkeys.

Nowadays, Amazon seems to be using it again to recoup its loss of membership due to the increase of Prime’s dues.

Last month, Amazon announced that it has more than 100 million globally placed premium Prime members. With an annual fee of $99 per member, calculate how big this will be! However, Amazon did not seem to be satisfied. At the end of the month, it made a major decision to adjust the 99-dollar Prime contribution to 119 US dollars and increase it by 20 US dollars.

After raising the dues, some Amazon Prime members began to show dissatisfaction. In the opinion poll of Yahoo Finance, only about 35% of the nearly 7,000 existing members are Prime’s true love powder, 20% fluctuate between it and 20 dollars, and nearly half (45% or so) have to give up Prime. .

There is a very high overlap between Amazon Prime members and total food shoppers. Whole Foods Chief Executive John McGee estimates that there are 8 million Whole Food Supermarkets also Prime members. The Consumer Intelligence Research Partnership Program (CIRP) estimates that there is a 40% overlap between Amazon and Whole Foods shopping bases, 80% of whom shop regularly.

Amazon’s move to provide Prime members with a 10% discount, or to recover part of the lost membership, may also stimulate Whole Foods’ customers to join Prime members.

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