International Express new regulation for Hand Spinner/Finger Spinner

As the recent fingertips gyro (name HAND SPINNER) in Europe and the United States is extremely popular sales, such products may be involved in product infringement or battery sensitive and dangerous issues, the regulatory authorities around the world identified as the limit / embargo products!

This product was officially registered by Angel Company on March 9, 2017. The European patent entered into force on March 9, 2017. If the inspection of the product as a violation of a patent, I do not bear the Secretary for patent infringement caused by the goods deduction compensation!
Recently, Hong Kong DHL agents also specifically for the charged fingertips gyro also issued a notice that the fingertip gyroscope containing the battery and very easy to start in the transport, this behavior seriously endanger aviation safety, requiring rejection of such a battery containing the fingertips Gyro products! According to the notice, I declare here, live fingertips gyro out of my DHL agent channel all the consequences of their own (even if our company or your company with their own data to bear their own consequences)! Our other DHL channels and non-DHL channels are prohibited from taking live fingertips gyroscopes, do not malicious goods!
Non-charged fingertips gyro normal take the goods, but also affected by the above description, the normal take the goods, does not mean to ensure that everything! It is recommended to change the name out, to avoid the gyro and other sensitive name! Packaging must pull yellow plastic! Do not accept wrapped bags with live fingertips gyro!
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