Latest: A heavyweight function at Meiya Station is open to ordinary sellers

Currently, Amazon has opened a feature in the seller center of the US station – brand analysis. This feature is valuable to sellers and helps brand owners make informed strategic decisions about their product portfolio, marketing, and advertising campaigns.

Previously, the brand analytics feature was only available to Amazon suppliers, with pricing starting at $30,000. But now the platform is open to ordinary sellers, as long as it is a brand owner who has successfully registered in the seller center.

Sellers who can use this feature can find “Brand Analysis” under the “Reports” tab of Seller Central. Brand owners can use the reports listed below. Click on each link to learn about the data available in each report and more. Data is usually provided in brand analysis within 72 hours of the end of a specific period.

Amazon Brand Analysis Search Term Report

The Amazon Search Term Report shows brand owners how to find their products on Amazon and their competitors’ products, including the relative search popularity, click share, and conversion share for each product:

The most popular search terms on Amazon during a specific time period;

The search frequency ranking of each term;

The first three products that the customer clicks after searching for the term;

The click share and conversion share of the top three products;

Brand owners can search for a specific vocabulary and then view the products that Amazon customers are clicking on, or they can search for a particular product and find out which vocabulary prompted Amazon customers to click on the product.

Below, Xiaobian makes a brief introduction to the nouns mentioned above↓

What is the search frequency ranking?

Search frequency ranking is a numerical ranking of popularity over a specific time period compared to all other search terms.

What is click share?

Click share is a percentage that is determined by the number of times a Amazon customer clicks on a particular product after searching for a particular term, and then divided by the total number of times the customer clicks on any product after searching for that term.

What is the conversion share?

Similar to “click share,” “conversion share” refers to the number of times an Amazon user purchases a particular item after it has been searched, divided by the total number of times Amazon has purchased the item after searching for that item. Click share and conversion share are independent of each other, and conversion share may be higher than click share.

Previously, only the functions that Amazon’s suppliers could use were now “flying into the homes of ordinary people.” More and more ordinary sellers can also use them, and qualified sellers can use them. In addition, some insiders predict that more Amazon vendors will use special features to open to ordinary sellers in the future.

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