Many brand stores have closed down one after another

In the past few years, Amazon has been developing its own self-operated brand in a crazy way. Now it has to enter the apparel market. Amazon has become the biggest threat to apparel category sellers.

Xiaobian found the latest survey report released by Coresight Research in foreign media. The report shows that Amazon has become the most popular clothing retailer for American consumers. In this survey, 1,732 American adults were surveyed, and 65% of respondents purchased clothing or footwear on the Amazon website.

Moreover, 21.5% of respondents said they would choose Amazon’s self-operated apparel brand products. The most frightening thing is that about 19% of respondents said they plan to transfer some or all of their clothing spending from retailers to Amazon this year, compared to last year’s 16.6% are high.

I believe that many sellers of clothing categories have collapsed after listening to this news. Amazon is slowly eating into the apparel market, becoming the biggest threat to sellers and even global apparel retailers. Amazon’s self-operated brands are only sold to Nike, Under Armour and Adidas, and Coresight said the findings are a bad news for apparel retailers.

According to foreign media reports, sales growth and traffic volume of traditional retail giants such as Macy’s and JC Penny have been severely hit. In the 48 hours of last weekend, brands such as Gap, Wei Mi and Foot Locker have closed down. 465 stores.

Although Amazon is hitting apparel retailers like this, it still leaves me room for the sellers!

On December 6 last year, Amazon launched a global strategic release of 2019 and specific measures, one of which is to promote the seller’s brand to the sea and help companies to create international brands efficiently. If you look at it this way, the sellers of the clothing category will not have a brand transformation. After all, in 2019, there will be no more traffic without branding, and Amazon’s self-development will become more and more crazy, and will be eliminated if you don’t pay attention!

This year, Amazon China will launch the “Fashion+” project, combining its global fashion resources with the resources of the Chinese market to establish a dedicated service team for fashion category sellers, aiming to help Chinese fashion sellers to better explore overseas fashion business through their platforms. Create a self-owned brand, covering five categories of clothing, jewelry, luggage and so on.

Amazon will fully support the transformation of the brand, and Amazon will also protect brands and consumers from counterfeit goods; Amazon ads will also help sellers to achieve brand awareness, accurately reach the target audience and accumulate users.

Now, in the apparel retail market, which is almost divided by the giants, it is no longer a day to get traffic on Amazon. Moreover, Amazon is now very focused on the brand, as Amazon’s sellers, no matter which category you are doing, you must accelerate the brand transformation!

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