Many sellers were blocked by manipulating comment accounts

Yesterday, an Amazon seller broke the same account with a review of the same account on March 4th, and even hundreds of reviews, and most of these reviews are 5 stars! In fact, this kind of manipulation of review is not uncommon, but such a large brush review is not common!

Anyone who knows Amazon knows that getting praise on Amazon is a crucial thing. Product praise will not only make consumers more attractive to your products, but also affect your listing ranking. Therefore, Amazon’s brush review behavior is endless.

Previously, there was a seller who had been blocked for a month because of the manipulation of the review. This month, it was a collection of Black Five, Net One, Christmas December, … The seller perfectly missed the year-end season. This is just one example. In addition, many sellers have been directly suspended due to manipulation of comment accounts.

In fact, Amazon has been constantly improving its compliance system, and the phenomenon of brushing and brushing has always been the violation of the platform. After being arrested, Amazon’s punishment will not be light. I believe sellers should have heard of it. Many of them are sold because of the single account. These are all bloody examples.

A netizen in a forum in the industry said that some sellers currently have a problem. Every day, they are busy brushing their orders and looking for review. The “Amazon operation” has gradually become “Amazon brushing”. In response to the landlord’s problem, a seller’s reply does have some truth: Don’t always think about brushing the list. As an operation, of course, you should focus on operations: product title, five-point description, details, pictures, advertisements, etc. The selections and pictures are handed over to professional people. It is a great deal that you are responsible for doing the job. In short, it is to be careful, how do you treat consumers with your heart, and how consumers will give you feedback.

As a seller, everyone should stop touching Amazon’s bottom line, and maybe one day will be punished by the platform. After all, my brother-in-law has always had the habit of accounting after the fall. Regular operations are regular business, and this industry needs positive energy.

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