New adjustments to Amazon Feedback, sellers in the United States have been hit hard

Recently, Amazon seems to have made a real difference in reorganizing reviews! The comments included Review and Feedback. When the review of domestic sellers was cleared, foreign sellers said that the feedback has been adjusted….

Amazon only shows last year’s Feedback

Foreign media reported that Amazon’s Feedback has only been received last year, not the number of feedback sellers have received over the past few years.

Well, as many people know, the number of Amazon’s Feedback has become relatively small.

The effect of this change is (on a worldwide scale): When multiple sellers on the Amazon page sell the same product, and the buyer chooses one of them to purchase, the small and medium sellers may only have 100-200 Feedbacks at most, but There will still be thousands of sales. Big sale is a big sale, you do not accept it is not acceptable!

Feedback is not the fewest wounded is small and medium sellers

In other words, unless you are a big seller, after this adjustment, it will make you look like a new seller with no or very few Feedback. Even if you may have accumulated thousands of Feedback in the past few years, it may only leave 100 of the last year.

In the past few years of hard work, I felt that my efforts had been stolen. This kind of feeling… Is this what the brother-in-law needs to “clean out” the seller? This made some sellers start to panic, especially small and medium sellers.

Some sellers stopped selling

In the forum of sellers, someone discussed this matter, including: Some of the sellers who have been selling on the Amazon platform in the past few years have stopped selling, and not those new sellers suddenly stop selling. Foreign sellers believe that this phenomenon is related to changes in Amazon Feedback.

Currently there are at least 100-200 related messages on the seller’s forum. The seller said that this is the latest major event on the Amazon platform, and this may be one of the worst things I have seen for a long time.

Amazon only displays the Feedback received last year. This time coincides with the time when the domestic seller faces the review being cleared. Amazon is to completely rectify the rhythm of its comment system?

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