Prime Day Carnival has not arrived yet, Amazon search volume has skyrocketed by 544%!

The fiery summer of the 2018 World Cup with France won the Titan Cup to the end of the painting, the people who stayed up late to watch the moon and the moon smashed the dark circles of the black and white, saying that “the life is important, it is time to quit the day and night.” Cross-border people do not stay up late? That is impossible. Beijing time on July 17th is tomorrow at 3am, the annual Amazon Prime Day will be open. Foreign media forecast that Amazon’s membership day sales will reach 3.4 billion US dollars this year!

This Prime Day, Amazon sales will hit a new high

According to market research firm Coresight Research, this year’s Amazon membership day global sales will reach 3.4 billion US dollars. Last year, Amazon’s membership sold for $2.4 billion, and this year’s sales may increase by 41%. It’s the seller’s long-awaited carnival:

At this node, the sellers participating in the activity seized the product promotion information, and the seller posted the “explosion ticket” everywhere, and the seller moved two boxes of old sauerkraut beef noodles from the supermarket… the sellers who did not participate in the activity looked at others busy. In a hot day, I silently gave myself a “cool”.

The following message can help the seller of spikes boost confidence: data from search marketing company Captify shows that Amazon’s search volume increased by 544% over the previous week in the week before Amazon. This is just a prelude to the promotion of the membership day. In the next two days, the order of the flight must be overwhelming.

The platform for member’s daily list may be more than Amazon.

For multi-platform sellers, this membership day may be prepared more than just a big promotion on Amazon.

According to CNBC, the shopping tide formed by Amazon’s membership day has benefited peer online retailers. Also in the week before the membership, Best Buy search volume increased by 712%, Wal-Mart increased by 143%, and eBay increased slightly. The major platforms have seized this wave of sales in a timely manner, and many companies such as eBay, Target, Kohl’s and Macy’s are planning to offer discounts during Amazon membership days.

In response to this phenomenon, Captify co-founder Dominic Joseph said, “Amazon Member Day has a halo effect on the retail industry. For other retailers, advertising around Amazon Member Day is the biggest opportunity, especially for consumers to search. Amazon’s competitors compare the price of goods.”

Under this carnival environment, there is no doubt that the shopping sentiment of the whole people will be unprecedentedly high. Adobe’s data shows that during Amazon’s membership day last year, sales of large retailers with annual revenues of more than $1 billion increased by 35%, and sales of small retailers with annual revenues of less than $5 million increased by 17%. This year’s retail sales growth will undoubtedly further increase, the overall sales of the industry rose.

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