Prime Day failure caused Amazon to lose $99 million, and members bought more than 100 million products.

eBay releases second quarter earnings

It is reported that eBay recently released its second quarter earnings report. According to the earnings report, eBay’s net operating income continued to increase to $ 533 million, or $ 0.53 per share, up from $ 495 million in the same period last year, or $ 0.45 per share. On a fixed currency basis, revenue increased by 6% year-on-year.

According to eBay’s last quarterly earnings report, the most important part reached a minimum of $2.64 billion and $2.68 billion. But the adjusted earnings are higher than eBay’s highest expectations of $0.50 to $0.52 per share.

Seller’s attention! US Customs strictly observes intellectual property infringing goods

Recently, Hong Kong DHL issued a notice that the US Customs has recently investigated the intellectual property rights of customs clearance goods and severely cracked down on imitation, under-reporting and false-reporting goods. At that time, Hong Kong DHL will also open the inspection 100%.

The US Trade Representative Office (USTR) issued the “2018 Special 301 Report” on the protection of foreign intellectual property rights. According to the US General Office, US Customs seized thousands of tickets involving intellectual property issues in 2017-2018. The goods involved were mainly issued by the freight forwarder, and the freight forwarding company involved was listed in the key watch list by the US government. If the seller has imitation cards, false declarations, understatement, etc., the shipment will not be cleared and a high fine will be imposed, and the sender of the shipment may be blacklisted by the customs. And then 100% out of the box to check the goods, the seller does not have the luck to rush, especially the goods exported to the United States.

Amazon sold more than 100 million items during Prime Day

Prime Day set off a nationwide shopping boom in mid-July. On July 18th, Amazon announced that Prime members have purchased more than 100 million items on this year’s promotion day and said that this year Prime Day has become Amazon’s largest shopping event ever.

Wal-Mart will launch video services to challenge Amazon and Netflix

According to the Information Media report, Wal-Mart is considering launching a subscription-based streaming video service to challenge Netflix and Amazon’s related services.

Wal-Mart said the initial pricing for the service might be $8/month, and it might also have an ad-supported option. Wal-Mart hopes to win “Central America” ​​consumers with this service, they do not want to save money for high-priced services.

Amazon’s “Prime Day” failure caused the company to lose up to $99 million

On Prime Day, the Amazon website page failed, and some users were unable to add items to the shopping cart for checkout. This time, shortly after the incident, at 3 pm on Monday, reports of power outages soared. The scene inside Amazon was “chaotic.” About 300 people attended an emergency conference call to try to solve these problems.

Axios quoted data from Digital Commerce 360 ​​as saying that the technical problem caused Amazon to lose about $72.4 million. Another digital marketing person from Love Love, Liam Solomon, estimates that the site’s sales are $99 million.

In the US e-commerce market, Amazon occupies one-half

According to the latest data from foreign media eMarketer, in 2018, Amazon’s retail sales in the United States will reach 258.22 billion US dollars, which will account for 49.1% of the US e-commerce market share, accounting for 5% of total retail sales, becoming the e-commerce industry. A well-deserved leader.

As Amazon sold more than 100 million items of merchandise between Prime Day, Amazon’s share price immediately rose to a record high, and the company’s market value once reached 900 billion US dollars, almost equal to Apple.

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