Search heat soared 8800%, this product was 10 times higher after being robbed

Recently, a cherry blossom powder cat claw cup Pa-screen friends circle, bursting red on the Internet overnight.

This cat claw cup is launched by Starbucks, and its value is quite high. There is a cute cat claw shape in the glass cup of the powder powder. It is a crit of the girl’s heart, so that many soft-sister girls will immediately fall in love with it. The cups were sold less than 6 seconds, and 4,000 were snapped up, and the sales broke the record.

As netizens push on social media, the heat of the cat’s claw cup continues to rise. The video playback of this cup on the approx, the red book and other apps is amazing, and the topic is the hottest.

According to data provided by Ali, Starbucks’ traffic has surged by 300%, and the search for related keywords has soared by 8800%. Have to sigh the strength of the majority of netizens!

Coupled with the limited number of Starbucks sales, many netizens could not afford to buy, so the price of this cup was repeatedly raised. The original sale price was 199 yuan, and now some netizens said that they have been fired to more than 2,000 yuan, and the price has increased by at least 10 times.

Some people even went to sleep in the tents for a cat’s claw cup, and they also made a big shot. The crazy action of domestic netizens has attracted the attention of foreign media. Foreigners began to pay attention to the cup that this netizen loves so much, so that cross-border e-commerce sellers feel that the opportunity is coming!

Xiaobian saw in the relevant sellers, there are many sellers who are ready to move this cup.

The seller who wants to sell the same imitation goods has found the origin of the goods and is in the process of purchase; the seller who has started the early step has already put on the same cat claw cup, and even the seller has also released the order quantity, indicating that 1 piece has been sold. There are also a little flexible sellers responding to the needs of netizens, eager to know the same kind of “dog dog” in the cat’s claw cup (do not know what the ghost?) will not be popular.

As the network becomes more and more developed, the power of social media becomes more powerful. Sometimes the explosion of the money does not necessarily require a deep understanding of the market demand, but it is purely accidental. It may rely on a net red, or a topic can be a night of blush.

It’s too late to act after the explosion of the money, like the previous bloody examples of fingertip gyros and finger monkeys. Tips for sellers who want to sell the same cat claw cup, follow the trend need to be cautious, after all, a single infringement problem is enough to kill a seller account.

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