Sell 800 million US dollars in 3 months! The best-selling product in this category on Amazon is…

Food sales exceeded $360 million

In the second quarter of this year, sales of pet food on Amazon increased by 34% year-on-year to more than $360 million, almost half of all pet supplies sales. For sellers in the pet industry, food is a major factor in retaining customers. In the entire US market, the food category accounts for two-thirds of the pet supplies industry.

In May of this year, Amazon launched its own brand of pet products, Wag. The first product is dry dog food. Among them, the 30-pound bagged dry dog food achieved initial success. It can be said that in the entire Meiya station, the 30-pound bag of dry dog food is the best-selling food, and the dry cat food is also catching up.

Health care increased by 70% year-on-year

Health, not only has a great impact on pet food, but also promoted the rapid growth of dog snacks. The brands of Milk Bone and Greenies increased the most in the second quarter. Both of them not only highlighted the product’s beneficial to dental health, but also pointed out that they contain natural and functional ingredients.

From a broad perspective, food has always been the largest category of pet supplies in Meiya, and from a single ASIN, health care products perform best.

This is also related to the season. Spring is coming to summer, the weather is getting hot, cats and dogs are easy to attract fleas and easy to get sick, so health care is the fastest growing, up 70% compared with the same period last year.

The best-selling pet products in the second quarter of 2018, TOP 5

One Click Retail’s report shows that in the last quarter, four of the top five best-selling pet products were health care products, 1-3 and 5 in the above picture, all of which are flea prevention, and 4 are self-cleaning. Cat litter bowl.

Total pet industry spending will reach $72 billion

Although some categories are dominated by several big brands, some pet owners do not have brand loyalty, they will find personalized products for their pets on Amazon. In any case, the potential customers will not disappear, let’s take a look at the statistics of the American Pet Products Association↓

In the past five years, the US pet supplies market has grown by 30%, and the total pet industry spending is expected to reach $72 billion this year.

The 2017-2018 pet master survey shows that 68% of American households have pets, of which cats and dogs have the largest number of households. It is estimated that the number of American cats and dogs has reached 94.2 million and 89.7 million, respectively.

In fact, it can be seen from Amazon’s actions that pet supplies still have a lot of room for growth, competition and innovation. However, some sellers have not seen the battle before they enter the Amazon. This is a taboo for the military.

Amazon is not invincible. Third-party sellers want to increase sales and surpass their competitors. There are many ways to join Prime, optimize listing, seize shopping carts, and improve customer experience.

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