Seller attention! Once this product is discovered, Amazon will immediately be taken off the shelf

This zombie knives are inspired by horror movies such as “Apocalypse Revelation”. The handles are brightly coloured and often have the words “zombie killer” and “slayer” printed on them. Looks scary, as shown below:

It is reported that the British Sun reporter found that there are 3 zombie knives on eBay, one is priced at 9 pounds, the other two are priced at 10 pounds.

In addition, Amazon also sells zombie knives, one of which is priced at 55 pounds. This knives also received a 5 star rating.

After the Sun contacted Amazon and eBay, the knives were immediately removed.

An eBay spokesperson said: “Ebay UK stops sellers from selling any illegal weapons. Customer safety is our top priority. eBay’s trust and security team searches the platform every day for related products and will immediately take action once discovered.

In August 2017, the British “Criminal Justice Act” explicitly banned the sale of such tools, but Amazon and eBay sellers still listed them as collectibles for sale, and some zombie knives even used to be “machetes” (large Machete) and “swords” were sold. The police have strongly condemned this

The Amazon spokesperson also said that the related products have been removed. The spokesperson also pointed out that all platform sellers must follow Amazon’s sales guidelines, sellers who do not follow the rules will receive punishment, and serious ones will be canceled sales rights if the seller Still selling such products, or selling similar products, quickly off the shelf to avoid losses.

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