Sellers are good: Amazon quietly expands a plan to save you money…

In order to win more market share in the US, Amazon has quietly expanded a program that benefits third-party sellers on the platform.

Low-value grocery seller benefits: Commission discount activity extended to December 2019

Foreign media news: At present, Amazon has quietly extended a promotion plan, which is a discount for grocery goods that sell for less than $15

This event was launched by Amazon in October 2017. The content of the event is roughly that there will be some preferential policies for daily grocery products below US$15. The seller’s commission will drop from 15% to 8%. This adjustment is very large. The commission is reduced by half and the seller is expected to get more gross profit.

It is worth noting that the event was originally scheduled to end in October this year, and the seller’s commission continued to return to 15% after the end. However, in recent days, Amazon changed its mind and prepared to expand the plan. The date of the event that ended in October this year was revised to December 2019, which is an extension of one year and two months.

This month, Amazon sent an email to the seller of the relevant category, and the content of the email has verified that the news is true. Amazon also quietly updated its website to confirm that the expansion plan has been implemented. The company spokesperson did not make any other comments for this expansion plan.

Sellers who do low-value daily groceries can spin and jump…

Expand the online sales market for groceries

Amazon’s move can be seen as a way to encourage sellers, while reducing commissions to benefit yourself, but also hope that sellers can sell at a lower price, thereby benefiting consumers and attracting more buyers to Amazon to shop. They are used to buying everyday grocery products online, thereby expanding their online market share in this area.

Today, Amazon is entering the daily grocery industry from multiple angles, but has not yet found a winning model. The company recently expanded its purchase and delivery of goods from Whole Foods through the Prime Now service, and is also expanding the larger grocery market.

In the end, Amazon’s plan is to open up new battlefields and attract more consumers, but the low-value sellers of related categories on the platform can also benefit. The 8% commission discount can be extended to December 2019. If you don’t cut the price, you will save the profit. The downgraded products are expected to get more sales, which is a good policy for third-party sellers.

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