shock! Japan’s Amazon actually forced merchants to return points and was investigated by the anti-monopoly department.

Yesterday, I just discovered that Japanese dock workers are going to hold a nationwide strike. Today, the anti-monopoly department will start investigating Amazon!

It is reported that Japan’s anti-monopoly regulator’s Fair Trade Commission is scheduled to investigate Amazon Japan on the 27th to confirm whether a new service on the e-commerce platform violates antitrust laws.

What happened to Amazon, this time it actually caused the anti-monopoly department to investigate?

Xiaobian learned that it was originally the Japanese Amazon website that used all the goods as the object of returning points, meaning that consumers can earn points by purchasing any goods on the Amazon website, and these points can be directly used for consumption!

Depending on the membership level, consumers can earn 1% to 2.5% of the price of the item for each purchase, and 1 point can be deducted by 1 yen.

At the beginning of this policy, it was only applicable to Amazon’s own business. Gradually, Amazon Japan requires all suppliers to return points to consumers, and these points are borne by the supplier, although Japan Amazon The website said that this will help improve shopping convenience and expand supplier sales, but these suppliers are not happy, Amazon is only a unilateral notice, not giving the opportunity to negotiate!

Many suppliers complain about Amazon’s mandatory approach.

It is reported that the Japan Fair Trade Commission received a large number of reports from users of Amazon, Google and other platforms in January this year, all of which are suspected of monopolizing reports on the platform. The Fair Trade Commission confirmed on the 26th that it will investigate the transactions of the website and focus on whether the mandatory return of the points violates the anti-monopoly law.

The Japan Fair Trade Commission is scheduled to ask the relevant companies from February 27 and request a reply. If the company does not cooperate, this regulator will initiate a “mandatory investigation”.

Amazon Japan did not respond to the investigation.

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