Strongly criticized, Amazon sellers deleted this Halloween item

There are still a few days away from Halloween. People have already started to tidy up this lively festival in advance. At this time, some strange costumes are indispensable, so Halloween costumes have become the key sales items of many cross-border e-commerce sellers. Although these clothes are pursuing “different”, if you accidentally touch some sensitive topics, the seller is ignited.

On Wednesday morning (October 24th), Amazon showed and began selling a bizarre Halloween costume:

This adult clothing, which is directed at Caitlin Jenna, is priced at £26. The picture of the product displayed is obviously spoofing the former Olympic champion, and her special identity, transgender, is still calling for a product. “Show your love for Caitlin with this awesome adult outfit!” This was strongly criticized by transgender groups.

Briefly introduce the protagonist of the event. Caitlyn Marie Jenner (formerly William Bruce Jenner), born in 1967 in Mount Kisco, New York, won the Olympic decathlon in 1976 and won The reputation of a national hero. In 2015, Bruce publicly announced the change of name to Caitlin, becoming the most famous public transgender woman in history. Today, her identity is the American television celebrity, the stepfather of the American celebrity Kardashian sister, and the “big sister” of the transgender group.

The celebrity’s appeal is obvious. Previously, the cereal breakfast box that he endorsed was auctioned on eBay for $400 each. This Halloween merchandise merchant is also a hot topic of celebrity, but does not want to encounter the anti-scale of this group.

When commenting on clothing, Jane Hamlin, president of the transgender support group Beaumont Society, said: “I was amazed that a satirical Caitlin’s transsexual clothing can be marketed in this way. It’s a nonsense.” The transgender community was recently received in the media. A great blow, because we want to have autonomy over our identity. We are used to ridiculous ridicule, but in fact this is not funny. No one chooses to be a transgender, but this is the way we are born.”

A spokesperson for Stonewall also said that the suit “reminds us how much work we have to do to counter the abuse that transgender people face every day.”

After being criticized by transgender rights groups, the seller has removed the “transgender” Halloween costume that ridicules Caitlin. A spokesperson for the clothing agency said: “The clothing agency team immediately canceled the Caitlyn Jenner Halloween costume. “We heard the fear of those who were offended, and the clothing is no longer available on the website.

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