The annual sales broke $40 million. How did the Amazon sell it?

Some Amazon sellers are always envious of big sales, they question one point: the same is the waist disc, why are others so prominent? Today, Xiaobian will take you to the world of big sales to see how people push products and what kind of operation methods are used…

The big sale is Kaliber Global, a company with Amazon’s sales of 40 million last year, founded in 2012 by founders Sanjay and Krithika Chandiram. Since 2014, the company’s revenue has increased more than fivefold, reaching $26.5 million in 2017, with sales expected to exceed $40 million this year.

How do you push the product in the early days of Amazon?

Kaliber Global’s own brands include household items and toys. It has achieved increasing success in the toy industry, and the US business of Toys R Us, the once dominant toy retailer, has closed down.

The same thing as a toy, when the family collapsed, the company made a sound of wind.

Company founder Sanjay Chandiram said that his team often went to the nearby Toys R Us to purchase and sell these products on Amazon at a higher price.

Since then, in order to make toys online shopping fun, Kaliber invested heavily in taking photos and videos, and working with social media reds to gradually promote the product into a hot product.

Summary of successful sales experience

Today, Kaliber Global has become a private label seller on Amazon. He said that Kaliber is one of the millions of best-selling brands on Amazon. And the key to stand out from the thousands of sellers every day is constant innovation. He shared the following 4 successful experiences:

1. If you want to do well in this field, you must constantly adapt to change and quickly catch up, otherwise you will fall behind;

2, do not simply put the product on Amazon to sell, so the probability of becoming a hot product is not large, the need to combine the automation tools and manual supervision to ensure that the product gets attention;

3. Building a successful brand on Amazon begins with internal evaluation and keyword research;

4. The most important thing is to understand what your competitors are doing and why they are better than you.

In addition, the company’s team deconstructs product listings with title, image, video, description and mobile optimization, uses this information to optimize ads, and ensures that when customers search for keywords, their own products and partner brands appear on the home page.

Sam Sudore, Director of Operations at Kaliber, said: “The most important products, different consumers have different perspectives, and you must ensure that your products resonate with different people.”

What are you going to do in the future?

Sanjay Chandiram hopes that Kaliber will break the list of Amazon’s top 50 sellers in the next few years, and he also hopes to expand other online channels such as and eBay.

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