The integration of factors that directly affect the ranking of Amazon, the ten most important

The ranking of the product on Amazon influences the exposure, which determines the final sales of the product. So how to improve the ranking is a problem that all sellers are very concerned about. This has to mention Amazon’s A9 search algorithm, which shows the most according to the user’s search behavior. The products that are likely to be purchased, the following will introduce to you, what factors will directly affect the product’s ranking:

Three aspects that affect ranking

Conversion Factors – These factors affect the conversion rate, including consumer ratings, product image quality, and price.

Relevance Factor – The Relevance Factor allows the A9 algorithm to consider under what search terms your product page is displayed. These factors include title and product description.

Account weight and performance – In order to allow users to have a better shopping experience, so the account’s ODR (order defect rate), CR (order cancellation rate) and other factors also affect the product rankings.

Specific factors that affect ranking

Sales volume

The better the product sales, the more popular and accepted the product is, so when Amazon calculates and analyzes, it will combine this number to influence your search rankings. You will see a lot of Amazon search and Amazon will now Automatically add the “Best-Seller” logo to the hot products in the search results.


Many sellers already know that the number and enthusiasm of consumer evaluation is one of the important ranking factors in the A9 algorithm. For example, if you randomly search for a product, sometimes you may see that the product ranked first may sell less than the second, but its review is higher and more in number than the second, so the sales are not determined to rank The only decisive factor.


The title is one of the most important ranking factors. Specifically, the key keywords that can be included in the title are the following categories: 1. brand name; 2. product name (core keyword); 3. important features or highlights; 4 The product material; 5. Product color, the first word of the title is the entrance of the largest flow, if it is a famous brand, the brand name is recommended first, if not, it is recommended not to put the product brand name.

Many sellers’ titles are overly stacked with keywords. Consumers look very messy, and the buying experience is not good. It affects the click-through rate. Consumers can read it at first glance.


One important factor Amazon uses to determine the predicted conversion rate is price. Consumers tend to look for the best price. At the same time, the price is also a major condition for competing with Buy Box.


The short description part can display the most important highlights of the product. In the premise of fluent sentences, try to incorporate each important keyword into five short descriptions.

The long description is an extension or supplement of the short description, with greater flexibility and freedom. Can add more keywords, and do not have to be stacked, do not have to repeat with the above two keywords. The length of the long description is not as long as possible. This product-related, more functional or complex product requires more effort in the long description section. This is a place where the long tail words can be flexibly placed.


Amazon’s search results are displayed according to the category category. When the products are on the shelves, the selection is very important for the correct classification, and the classified category will be used as a relevant factor to influence the search results.

Source Keywords

Consumers search for a keyword through the Amazon search box, enter the product details page, URL generated by it will have a certain rule, this is a way that Amazon decided to listing and search relevance. For example, the URL address is this:

We can see the source keyword: toothbrush, so if the search person bought this product, Amazon will know that the listing and the search term “toothbrush” have a high correlation, the next consumer search for electric drill, the listing More likely to appear at the top.

Amazon sellers can use this link when doing external drainage. The effect is equivalent to asking these customers to perform a search on Amazon (search for toothbrush), find our products, and achieve conversions, which is beneficial to the ranking of our products for this keyword.

Order defect rate

Order Defect Rate is also a factor that will be calculated into the Amazon search ranking algorithm. The order defect rate mainly includes these aspects: negative consumer feedback, A-Z Claim, delivery issues, and credit card refunds.

The order defect rate is best kept below 1%. In addition, negative feedback from the removed buyers will not be counted in the ODR, so pay attention to solve each consumer’s problem.

Stay time

Residence time refers to how long a user will stay on the page after entering the details page. The longer the stay, the more interested in the product and the greater the probability of a purchase. Amazon will calculate the residence time of each user to determine whether the quality, experience, and integrity of the product are good enough, and use it as a basis for search ranking.

Bounce Rate

The bounce rate takes into account that the customer enters a product page and immediately clicks on the returned behavior. Bounce rate is one of the important search algorithms to determine if the search result is what the user needs. To take a negative example, let’s assume that by using fake trading, you can get a certain product’s ranking to the first page. Then because the bounce rate is too high, this ranking is getting more and more behind.

We can reduce the loss rate by the following aspects:

1. The keywords of the product image and the title itself must be consistent.

2, the normal price level, not too much higher than the market level or with the user’s heart too far.

3, Review score can not be too low.

To sum up, if you want to improve your product rankings, you must comprehensively improve the listing of optimized products, use accurate keywords, provide timely feedback to customers, and provide them with a good shopping experience.

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