The monthly sales of 5 million US dollars, Chinese sellers with a burst of explosives to open up the European and American markets!

Recently, Chinese fashion brand Orolay has attracted the attention of the American media. The brand’s winter jacket is called “Amazon jacket” and has become another popular European and American product after Laoganma. And the seller of the product, Chinese seller Qiu Jiawei, with a monthly sales of 5 million US dollars.

More than 6,000 comments, Chinese made coats fired in the United States

Now the Orolay brand has become Amazon’s best-selling brand and has a certain reputation in the United States. After getting viral on social media, Orolay down jacket is now known as the “Amazon jacket.”

It is understood that the price of Orolay down jacket is between 99.99-139.99 US dollars. Its comment on Amazon has exceeded 6,000. The product is available in five colors. Many shoppers are happy to be able to buy this down jacket.

One customer commented: “One time I found 20 women wearing this coat while walking, now I finally got it.” There is also a comment: “This dress is very warm, I am very happy to find this thing, whether I am in New York or London can feel the warmth of clothes.”

Some reviewers even compared this down jacket to the designer’s jacket, such as the Canada Goose and Moncler, which are priced at more than $900. The customer mentioned that buying a piece of goose can buy seven or eight Orolay down jackets.

Although the price of this jacket is not high, it makes the Upper East Side of Manhattan, New York, a crazy man. The editor of New York Magazine has published an article entitled “The unlikely story: this down jacket selling $140 on Amazon won the Upper East Side.” The article introduces that many celebrities and designers in the New York rich area are wearing the same brand of down jackets. After investigation, they found out that this is a down jacket Orolay from China.

However, Orolay’s success is not only a competitive price and a design story favored by American consumers, but also inseparable from a powerful Chinese cross-border e-commerce seller.

Zhejiang seller Qiu Jiawei counterattacks Amazon with an explosion of jacket, with a monthly sales of 5 million US dollars

The Chinese seller named Qiu Jiawei is an 80-year-old from Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China. In 2012, he quit his job and tried to develop his own online clothing business. His main goal was to spend more time with his wife and children.

In 2013, Qiu Jiawei began to do Amazon, which was regarded as the first batch of cross-border e-commerce companies in China.

Orolay down jackets use duck down from Hebei and Anhui provinces in China, and the price has an advantage. Many down jackets and outerwear in North America are positioned as outdoor products, emphasizing the waterproofness of the fabric, the diversity of functions, etc., lacking fashion. Therefore, they deliberately added fashion elements on the basis of quality and warmth.

The high-quality and low-cost products let many buyers call for products. As the products have the opportunity to show their faces on Amazon and social platforms, they will be out of control and the products will spread virally. Coupled with the extremely cold weather in the United States last year, Orolay down jackets became popular.

The special demand caused by extreme weather caused Qiu Jiawei to sell out. He never thought that the Orolay down jacket he sold would be a huge hit, known as the “Amazon jacket” in American social and traditional media, and is considered an emerging competitor of the high-end brand Canada Goose.

Since the second half of the year, Qiu Jiawei’s team can only be forced to choose shorter, more expensive air transport, but often can not catch up, often out of stock shortages. Therefore, the buyer will seize a happy situation.

In an interview with Reuters, Qiu Jiawei mentioned: “We made more money in January than in 2017.” He estimated his company’s sales last month was 5 million US dollars, which is expected to bring this year. Income of 30 million to 40 million US dollars.

The company’s sales in the United States are almost entirely through Amazon, which accounts for 70% of the company’s total revenue. With a burst of money, China’s Zhejiang seller Qiu Jiawei counterattacked on Amazon, with a monthly sales of 5 million US dollars, which is the small target of how many sellers!

Cross-border sellers promote the way for Chinese brands to go to sea

Qiu Jiawei is one of the Chinese businessmen who have benefited from Amazon in the past year. Now Amazon is using some measures to make it easy for overseas suppliers to sell on their websites.

This has caused concern among American Amazon sellers that they are being eliminated. Experts say that in industries such as clothing, brick-and-mortar retailers cannot ignore the threat posed by the influx of small brands, many of which are located in China. Amazon declined to comment on the view that US companies were weakened by Chinese merchants using their websites. It does not break down the number of sellers on its website by country.

Analysts say the number of Chinese merchants on Amazon is growing further as fierce competition and cake temptations increase. Chinese sellers also hope that through the website of Amazon, more Chinese manufacturing will sail to the sea and bring more benefits. Qiu Jiawei is one of them.

The company has its own design, manufacturing and distribution, which means it can pay workers’ wages fairly and sell profitable clothing. The company’s website states: “We specialize in manufacturing and exporting women’s clothing. Our products are mainly exported to Europe and the United States.”

In addition to the US market, Orolay is now expanding into markets such as Europe, Japan and Australia.

In addition, Qiu Jiawei’s company also plans to expand the Orolay brand’s product line, and in the future Orolay will expand to cotton clothing and men’s jackets.

For now, Qiu Jiawei still marvels at how his business has been so successful in markets he barely knows. He said: “I went to New York twice for a holiday last year, and I am very happy to see people on the street wearing our coats. I am very eager to ask them how they like our jackets, but they have not done so because I don’t have much English. ”

Analysts said the number of Chinese merchants sold on Amazon’s US website has increased in the past five years, after the company introduced measures to allow global sellers to store products in Amazon warehouses and provide assistance in shipping these products to customers. .

At the end of last year, the retail giant also launched a plan to refer Chinese sellers to local banks. In contrast, Amazon offers loans to small businesses in the US, UK and Japan that sell on its website.

Qiu Jiawei believes that most of the company’s success depends on Amazon, but it is still considering the branch and expanding the company’s business to other platforms. It said it will consider other retailers’ offers, including online from Wal-Mart and US shopping website Rue La La. Invitation to sale.

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