The season is coming, there are tricks to deal with Amazon FBA inventory shortage!

The tepid first half of the year basically passed like this. In an instant, June is coming. Many Amazon sellers have now begun to sharpen their wish for the harvest in the second half of the year, but have to say that with In the second half of the year, several sales peaks and overall good seasons have come. Most sellers’ sales will increase to some extent, but there must be a lot of people. Stocks are frequently out of stock in sales growth, which will seriously affect the The sales results achieved.

Of course, there is no sales to worry about sales, sales have to worry about inventory, and inevitably almost every seller will encounter stock out of stock, which is almost iron rule, even if it is a big sale, such as when last year’s Prime Day , Shenzhen, a big sale in the activities began four hours, the shop has sold off the shelves across the board, anger angry boss in the office, you say it is gratifying, or worry?

Selling is still so big, small and medium sellers team to spend a penny in half to spend, each stocking are worried about preparing for more pressure, out of stock is even more normal. But anyway, if you can consider several levels of things in the original stocking logic, and then with appropriate skills, you can still greatly reduce the chance of being out of stock, and at the same time maximize the profits of your operations.

In view of the possible FBA out of stock situation, sellers can generally take precautions from three aspects:

First, in the absence of infringing factors in the determination of the product, as long as the product quality is relatively stable, in the case of funding permits, the seller can properly prepare more goods.

After all, in the second half of the year, the sales season is approaching. As long as the product performance is not bad, the sales volume should be on an upward trend. If you assess according to the current sales volume, it is very likely that there will be a situation of out of stock at a certain stage. Therefore, the seller can properly More prepared some goods. In addition to reducing the frequency of stock-outs, it can also reduce unit freight costs to some extent. The cross-border e-commerce sellers all know that the second half of the freight, that is really the same kind of day, late in the day, a few pieces of freight is also a normal situation, in addition, for a single shipment, if the weight is more, units Naturally, shipping costs can be cheaper.

However, there are two aspects to be considered before stocking: First, the product does not involve infringement, and second, the product quality is stable. If the product is allegedly infringed, it means that you have planted an indefinite bomb for yourself. If you are lucky enough, you may not explode for a long time. However, unfortunately, it may be an explosion day at any time. For products whose product quality is not stable enough, customers may leave bad reviews, open disputes, issue quality issues, and even complain about safety issues. Regardless of the outcome, the impact of this listing is enormous. Therefore, apart from In addition to stocking, the product quality is particularly important.

Secondly, when a Listing is about to be out of stock, if the estimated time for discontinued goods is not too long (usually within a week), the seller should try to sell his own listings before the goods are out of stock.

In this case, there are two benefits to sell: First, avoid the FBA inventory is automatically out of stock because it is out of stock, and second, to avoid the rest of the other sellers as non-hosted listing and sell in the past.

Of course, before FBA sold out of stock, we must pay attention to the price of the sale is higher than the FBA delivery price, for two reasons: First, since the high price of delivery, you can avoid the flow of the shopping cart to the SKU, since It may be ensured that the shopping cart remains in the FBA SKU. Secondly, if the SKU from the delivery just generates an order, the seller can help the Amazon FBA warehouse by creating a multi-channel delivery order after the latter batch of FBA inventory is put on the shelf. Delivery is completed, but the cost of multi-channel delivery orders is generally higher than the platform’s original orders, and the price higher than the sale can be used to balance this part of the cost.

The third, most significant but also most of the sellers have not used, is that the seller in the operation can be followed by a List and sell and take FBA shipments, which is the same Listing, the seller has two SKUs (even three also Line) are shipping FBA.

The advantage of this is that for a List with two SKUs with FBA delivery, one SKU stock is out of stock, and the other SKU’s stock can be quickly followed as a substitute, and the two SKUs take turns (respectively). Goods can greatly reduce the chance of being out of stock.

At the same time, in accordance with Amazon’s algorithm and weight distribution, how much to sell reflects, to a certain extent, the popularity of the Listing, and that there are multiple listings with a follow-up, and that the weights will be better than those that are not sold under the same conditions. Listing, so, with the sale can increase the weight of Listing.

There is, if the seller in the same listing for multiple SKU and sell and take FBA delivery at the same time, if you can cooperate with the “small batch, multi-batch” delivery method, so that your Listing is often in stock quickly sold out Only X left in stock, this Listing sales may also be sold better. Do not believe you recall yourself, is not a product has a lot of inventory, the sales are always not satisfactory, and when it is about to be out of stock, sales are getting you to sharply increase prices and step on the brakes are unbearable? Since the objective inventory Out of stock can lead to increased sales growth margins, why can not we artificially create more than a few times out of stock?

Of course, even in the case of selling multiple SKUs and using FBA shipments at the same time, if each SKU is close to being out of stock, it is still necessary to refer to the second article and use the method of self-delivery to sell another one. .

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