The seller’s expectation: I hope Amazon completely clear false comments

Previously, Amazon had massively cracked down on non-normal reviews. The platform has formulated a series of policies, such as using rewards for product reviews, giving testers some gift cards, coupons, or offering some free or discounted products.

In late May, some Amazon sellers said that Amazon began to completely remove ASIN’s product reviews.

In addition to removing product reviews, Amazon has also started to post on the seller’s feedback, starting to limit the amount of feedback displayed on the seller’s account to the past 12 months, rather than the amount of feedback the account has had over the past few years.

This change has caused many sellers to discuss, and they believe that the removal of product reviews has a direct, measurable impact on sales. In order to avoid compliance by her brother-in-law, some sellers are already consciously converging and do not seek out non-normal comments. However, some sellers can still get a lot of comments in a short period of time. This has caused some sellers to start wondering how others do it. Is it because they are blocked by Amazon?

Lisa Suttora, an online sales specialist, put forward her own opinion on the current Amazon commentary policy. She believes that the platform is aimed at “eliminating falsehood, buying and motivating comments”, and may have some normal comments in the process. However, what makes a product review problematic, or does it leave normal reviews up to date? She pointed out that when a seller violates Amazon’s censorship manipulation policies, including awards for reviews and “friends, family, or acquaintance reviews,” it is reviewed by the Amazon system as having been violated if it is caught by Big Data.

There are so many false comments that Suttora and some sellers believe that they have a certain relationship with Facebook.

A seller wrote on the forum: “I hope Amazon will take long delays and clear up fraud sites that use private Facebook comment groups, and provide fake 5-star reviews in exchange for PayPal rewards. If Amazon can do this, start It may affect some of the normal operations of the seller, but in the long term, providing a fair opportunity for each seller is good.

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