The UK’s postponement of Brexit requires the consent of the EU-27, and these products have become popular.

According to foreign media reports, the lower house of the British Parliament voted after the debate on the same day, and passed a government motion with the result of 412 votes and 202 votes against. According to the motion, if the lower house of parliament passes a “Brexit” agreement by the 20th of this month, the British government will negotiate with the EU to seek to postpone the “Brexit” deadline from March 29 to June 30; otherwise, the United Kingdom The government will still negotiate with the EU to postpone the “Brexit” issue, but the “Brexit” deadline will depend on the EU’s decision.

2016年6月1日,布鲁塞尔,欧盟总部外飘着的英国国旗和欧盟旗帜。REUTERS/Francois Lenoir

Prior to this, on January 3, 2019, Amazon sent a message to the sellers: The seller paid close attention to the non-agreement of Brexit before March 29, 2019!

The following is the content of the email:

“Amazon is committed to supporting UK companies selling in Europe and around the world and helping companies around the world to sell in the UK and Europe. The UK government has advised companies to prepare for the potential impact of Brexit on March 29, 2019, This includes no agreement to leave the EU.

Although the British government said that this result is unlikely, it said that Brexit may lead to temporary border chaos, which will affect the flow of goods between the UK and EU countries after March 29, 2019. Sellers may consider working directly with their transportation delivery partners and developing a plan.

The UK government has now developed a “Partnership Pack” plan to prepare for changes in the UK and EU borders without a Brexit, including changes in customs, excise taxes, value added taxes and regulatory measures.

We will continue to follow up on the Brexit event and update relevant information for the seller if necessary. ”

– Amazon Europe Service

According to the current situation, the British “Brexit” will be delayed. Britain’s “Brexit” is bound to have a serious impact on sellers. Now the situation is getting more and more unstable, sellers should be prepared!

The impact of the UK’s “Brexit”

1. Exchange rate fluctuations: For sellers of cross-border e-commerce, the exchange rate is a matter that sellers have been paying close attention to, and the British “Brexit” is bound to cause exchange rate fluctuations. Xiaobian reminds sellers to pay attention to changes in exchange rates in a timely manner;

2. Tax collection: Recently, the large-scale title of Amazon’s German station has caused sellers to panic, and tax compliance is a trend. Note to the seller: After the Brexit, it is bound to cancel the remote sales tax. The goods exported or imported by the UK need to have VAT in different countries in order to operate legally.

3, logistics customs clearance: In order to avoid the risk of taxation in the Brexit, the small editor suggested that the sellers seize the time to clean up the uncleared goods, so as to avoid tax problems.

The road to Brexit has intensified, and local residents have begun to pay attention to the serious consequences of Brexit: rising prices. It is reported that a large number of British consumers have begun to “sell goods” in the near future, most of which are daily necessities and food. People’s fear of rising prices has led to a shortage of medicines in the UK.

The British “Brexit” has continued from 2017 to the present, and there has not been a clear conclusion yet. It can be seen that the British “Brexit” road is also very difficult. As for the future, it is not known, but now the British residents are heavily stocked, which is also a good news for cross-border sellers. Commodity, food, and household items are all hard-needed by the British, and there is a lack of infrastructure to handle fresh goods in the UK. It is also a good direction to sell storable food to the UK.

Sellers can take advantage of this, seize business opportunities and play to their advantage!

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